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7 Decor Tips for a Killer Halloween Party

When it comes to decorating, Halloween is hands down the best holiday—so if you’re throwing a Halloween party, you better be ready to go all out. This is not the season to practice subtlety or restraint! One of the best things about decorating for a Halloween party is that there […]


Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning

Now that the weather has cooled down, chances are good that you’ll be using your oven a lot more frequently in the coming months. Make sure that it’s in tip top shape and ready to help you create your culinary masterpieces with this simple, how-to guide to cleaning your oven […]

7 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home

7 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home

You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting a little colder outside. Sure, for a few weeks, you were able to live in denial (“It’s still suitable flip flop weather!”, you protested), but now, not even you can deny the fact that it’s getting downright chilly outside—and inside, too. Yes, the time […]

6 Bold Bedroom Decor Ideas

6 Bold Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tired of the same old when it comes to your sleeping quarters? Looking to spice things up in an exciting way? Whether you’re looking for a total bedroom overhaul or just want to add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to what you’ve already got, we have you covered with this guide to […]

Simple Soup Recipes for Fall

Simple Soup Recipes for Fall

Busy days, cooler nights. What could be more appropriate than a comforting bowl of hearty soup for dinner? Skip the canned stuff and opt for fresher, healthier, homemade options that will make you wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along. Easy Broccoli Blender Soup (adapted from Eating Well) Ingredients […]


Fit to be Flannelled: When to Make the Switch to Flannelled Sheets

It seems there’s a certain time of year to change the sheets over to flannel. Not this week, definitely not last week and maybe not next week, but somehow, she’ll know exactly when. Here is how I get things done around here. The Change I’ve been wondering for weeks when […]

Pros vs. Cons of Sleeping With Your Pet

Pros vs. Cons of Sleeping With Your Pet

Everyone loves having someone to cuddle with at night, but a lot of us have to settle for our pets. Kind of sad, right? Maybe not so much. There are perfectly good reasons to sleep with your pets when you’re all alone, and also some reasons why it might not […]


7 House Projects to do Before the Snow flies

Winter will arrive before you know it. There are things that must be done every year yet some of us, me included, need to be reminded. Yard Work Put the lawn mower away (Whoo hoo!) that is unless like me you use it to mulch up the leaves. Make sure […]


6 Tips for Understanding Regional Décor

It’s easy to fall in love on holidays. With décor, that is. Take that beachy Cape Cod cottage: muted blues and greys! Antique lobster traps! Nautical accents everywhere! Who could blame you for heading straight to the local boutiques and stocking up on charming seaside home décor items. Yet, that gorgeous […]

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6 All Natural Ways to Freshen Your Home with Fall Scents

Fall is here and you know what that means- warm fuzzy feelings, boots, colorful leaves and spicy autumn scents to make your home smell fantastic for the upcoming season. This year, avoid the toxic chemicals found in artificial scents and opt for an all natural approach. Here are 6 easy […]