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How to Sleep Sweat-free During Summer Nights

Mike Watson Images / moodboard /

Mike Watson Images / moodboard /

Summertime is near and that means warmer nights and sleepless, yet tired, eyes. Many people have issues while sleeping in warm or extremely hot conditions, but not to fear, there are plenty of ways to stay cool so you can catch your zzz’s. The next time you need to chill out before bed, follow these tips to ensure you stay cool, but most importantly, dry during these summer nights.

Get Proper Sheets
The most important part of the bedding, are the sheets. Avoid polyester, which is susceptible to making people sweat during the night, no matter the temperature or heat index. Go for a high-thread count, cotton sheet set, which keeps the body cool, but also dry, as the material wicks and soaks up perspiration.

Blackout the Bedroom
Depending on whether your bedroom faces the western sunset, keep the blinds, curtains or drapes closed throughout the day. This ensures that the sunrays don’t heat up the room to make it toasty-roasty during the evening hours.

Wet Your Soles
Common knowledge says, “When the feet are warm, so is the body. When the feet are cold, so is the body.” Keep cool by running your feet, and hands, underneath cool water before bed. For those who do not prefer a footsie ice bath before bed, wet a washcloth with cool water and dabble your toes before bed.

Keep Cool with Cucumbers
This is a “been there, done that” with the ladies, but while lying in bed for the first several minutes, place cold cucumber slices over the eye. You can also place a moist washcloth over the forehead to kick start the chill-fest.

Fan Out the Air
For those who sleep in hot and humid climates may benefit from facing the fan to blow the hot air out of the bedroom to outside. However, for those who enjoy a midnight breeze, place the fan as close as possible to a window to blow in the outside air, which is not recommended for extremely humid environments, but rather for the drier climates. Can’t sleep with a blowing air? Purchase a ceiling fan to help circulate the air better.

Get Hydrated
When the body is dehydrated, it is more challenging to sleep, and leads to late night binge drinking, which stirs the body to have to go to the bathroom. When the body is awake it finds it harder to fall back asleep in the heat. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, to maintain hydration, healthy sleep and to avoid nighttime dehydration.

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