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How to Prepare Your House for Fall

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photosbysuzi / iStock /

The turn of the season means a time for change. Swapping sundresses for sweaters, backyard barbecues for hearty stews, and more than anything, the transformation of your home from a breezy summer oasis to a cozy, cool weather nest. Arm yourself with some helpful tips that promise to have you ready for autumn well before the first frost.

Go Over The Structural Stuff
When was the last time you checked your roof? Cleaned your fireplace? Changed your furnace filter? Now is the time to get on top of all of these unpleasant but very necessary tasks, otherwise you might just find yourself in a bind when the frost sets in. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of regular maintenance and it becomes even more critical when you’re relying on your home to keep you safe and warm over the cold season. It’s also a good time to check fire and CO monitors too.

Light Things Up
One of the sad truths about summer ending is that the days get a whole lot shorter. Sure, that means more time for movies on the couch and reading by the fire but it also means that it gets dark quite early. Consider investing in an outdoor lighting system (or upgrading the one that you have) to ensure that your fall evenings aren’t totally enveloped by darkness. As an added bonus, good lighting will help you keep your footing when it starts to get icy.

Get Your Garden On
Now is the time to get your hands dirty and prepare your garden for the upcoming chill. Take some time to tidy things up, pull the last weeds, trim what needs trimming and cover the delicate plants you want to see next spring. There are plenty of gorgeous blooms that shine in the autumn so why not try your hand at creating a late season masterpiece before shutting down for the winter?

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DoroO / iStock /

Assess Your Window Situation
As anyone who’s spent any time in a drafty old house can attest to, weatherproofing your windows can make all the difference. Weatherstripping is key, as is caulking, to ensure that your home is sealed off against drafts. Should you find yourself fighting Jack Frost’s advances regardless of your cold weatherproofing efforts, look into winter insulation kits that can be applied with a blow dryer.

Swap Your Wardrobe
Packing away your favorite summer gear for their warmer winter counterparts is a bittersweet experience. Sure, you get to snuggle up in cozy knits but at the same time, feeling the sun on your bare shoulders is pretty nice too. Before it gets too cold, wash and fold your summer gear and store it in either an extra closet or vacuum storage bags. It’s important to ensure that all your clothing is clean before storing to avoid unwanted visits by bugs. Keep a few transitional pieces in your regular rotation for warmer autumn days but pack away the pieces you won’t need for a few months. By swapping your wardrobe seasonally, you get to see what you wear (and what you don’t) and stay on top of any repairs that need to be made.

Switch Out Your Bedding
It may not quite be time for your cozy flannel sheets but chances are good that you’re going to wish you had something warmer to fall asleep with when the leaves start to change. Down filled fleece throws are the perfect solution to chilly evenings as they’re easy to toss onto a bed or couch and provide much-needed warmth as the mercury drops. Feeling like you might need to get extra snuggly? A luxury down blanket might just do the trick.

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