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How to Decorate your Bedroom like a Boutique Hotel

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scornejor / iStock /

Boutique hotels come in all shapes, styles and designs. Boutique hotels are perfect design for individuality, where no two places, or rooms, are alike. If looking to recreate your room to fit your boutique style, follow these tips to ensure a sweet and whimsical nights rest.

Strip to the Basics
The first step to mimicking a hotel style theme is to strip the room to its basic. Similar to minimalist living, hotels use minimal furnishings, décor, and art pieces. These definitely do not feature cluttered spaces, which enhances the mood and ambiance.

Create a Cocoon
If this is the place where you’ll rest your head, aim for a sophisticated-meets-individuality look. Keep the walls neutral and paint the ceiling the same colors as the wall, this creates the cocoon-like effect to feel safe and nested. Aim for about 20% of the room to have accents, such as one different colored painted wall. Choose the comforter of your dreams. The comforter can accent the walls color scheme, with contrasting pillows to bump up the room’s liveliness.

Add a Rug
If your room homes hardwood floors, invite a room rug, specifically a Turkish or Oriental, to promote old-world charm. If space allows, add a seating area next the rug to enhance the quaint hotel look. Even if the room is carpet, adding a rug enhances the homely feel.

Artsy up the Room
Choose art that distinguishes your interests and flares. Whether its an ancient Chinese painting or a modern day city photograph, hang a piece, or two, above the bed’s headboard. Decorate the nightstand with a pleasant coffee book, bouquet of flowers or crystal carafe. Avoid the “dorm room” theme, which over decorates with too many photographs or pieces.

Enjoy lighting
The perfect aspects of hotel rooms are that they provide as much, or as little, light as needed. Install dimmer switch lighting to enhance the ambiance at night. Or place a bedside reading lamp on the nightstand, or headboard, making it easy to turn off the lights when ready for bed. Avoid ceiling fans with lights installed—they tend to create a harsh, glaring light, which is usually unsexy.

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