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Hotel Items That You Can Have in Your Home

Have you ever left a hotel having slept so soundly that you wondered how in the heck you could get your hands on that pillow? Maybe you loved the nightstand lamp so much that you thought it would look nice next to your living room couch. Well, fear not—are ways to purchase exactly what you see in many hotel rooms across the world.

Believe it or not, many hotels and bed & breakfasts have access to pillows you can’t even find in Bed, Bath & Beyond. I’m not talking the kind you find at Holiday Inn that leave your neck stuck in one position for hours on end the morning after you sleep on them, but luxurious pillows that mold around your head and caress you in your sleep. One website in particular is a perfect place to find them. claims that it has the largest selection of hotel bedding found anywhere. If there’s one pillow that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else, best believe they know where to get it.

You can actually buy hotel soaps by the caseload. Websites like WebstaurantStore offer upwards of 40 different brands of commonly used hotel soaps, from biodegradable varieties to pumice. Most of the cases come in at under $100 and contain anywhere between 200 and 1000 per case! You’ll never shop for soap again.

“That Motel 6 mattress felt like a bed of feathers!” said absolutely no one ever. But how about a bed from Marriott or a Waldorf Bed (with five cushioning comfort zones and lower back support) from Hilton? Those beds are incredibly comfortable and they should be—some of them cost thousands of dollars. If you had the best night’s sleep of your life on one, though, you might be inclined to shell out the extra dough. Luckily for you, many hotel chains sell their beds directly online.

Towels are another amenity that many hotel chains sell on their websites, but if you’re looking for luxury hotel quality someplace local try Macy’s. They have a line (appropriately called Hotel Collection Bath Towels) that are designed specifically to mimic the towels you’ll find in many high-end hotels. Expect to pay a pretty penny for them, though, as they can go for as high as $75.00.

There are numerous hotel supply chains where you can purchase a lamp that you might’ve seen in your favorite hotel, but one of the best selections is available at Better Homes and Gardens. It turns out hotel lamps aren’t cheap, though, with some costing around $700. We’re starting to see why hotels charge such steep rates for their rooms. It’s expensive to furnish those things.

Okay, it might be becoming obvious at this point that you can find just about any hotel item online. From door hangers to wastebaskets to the mini-fridge, if you want it, there’s a way to find it. Your best bet for smaller items is to search on National Hospitality Supply. If you’ve seen it in a hotel, it probably came from them.

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