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6 Ways to Stock the Ultimate Linen Closet

6 Ways to Stock the Ultimate Linen Closet

Linen closets may not get the same kind of attention that clothing ones do, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Think of how often you use their contents—don’t they deserve a little love, too? Here are some tips on how to stock a top notch linen closet worthy of some […]

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7 Tips for Working with Wallpaper

If you think wallpaper is an outdated trend from the 70’s, then we’ve got news for you: wallpaper is back in a big way. The use of wallpaper in contemporary interior décor is about adding dimension, drama, and even texture in a way that paint simply cannot. Whether your cover […]

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10 Vastu Shastra Tips for Bedrooms

Vastu Shastra, or Vastu, is an ancient Vedic tradition that includes the use of natural energy to achieve well-being. Similar to Feng Shui, Vastu can help your living space feel more tranquil and serene. Of course, you want every room in your home to be aesthetically appealing and inviting, but […]

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8 Ways to Have a Baby in a Small Space

Babies and stuff seem to go hand in hand. The ‘must have’ list can be overwhelming, especially if you’re worrying about having to fit it all into your tiny living quarters. Here are some ways to help you incorporate your bundle of joy into your small home without sacrificing space (or style). […]

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6 Ways to Decorate With White

Properly executed, a white-dominant color palette looks fresh, clean, bright, and utterly sophisticated. But done wrong, an all-white scheme can come across as institutional, without personality, and even uninviting (think of the potential for stains!). Despite being a neutral, white might just be one of the trickiest colors to decorate […]

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6 Ways to Store Your Shoes

So easy to buy; so difficult to store. If only we could hang shoes up on closet hangers, or fold them up onto a shelf. Instead, their clunky, irregular shapes combined with dirty soles make shoes very difficult to keep organized. Whether you’re looking for an efficient, compact way to […]

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8 Tips for Buying the Perfect Mattress

Time to toss that crummy old mattress and purchase one that’ll keep you comfortably sleeping like a newborn babe without the tossing and turning. But where to start? Utilize these 8 basic tips to help you choose the mattress of your dreams. Know When It’s Time To Let Go Mattresses […]

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How to Use Feng Shui for Better Sleep

Feng Shui embraces universal energy to keep positivity flowing throughout clean and clear spaces. It is based on a Chinese system, which balances elements to create and promote harmonious environments. Sleepless nights now get better thanks to Feng Shui’s wisdom with slight bedroom rearrangements and space clearing. Below are top […]

Tips for Keeping your Down Comforter Fluffy & Clean

Tips for Keeping your Down Comforter Fluffy & Clean

Winter, spring, summer or fall, crawling into bed and nestling beneath your fluffy down comforter is decadence, defined. The only problem, if it can be considered one, is expecting your comforter to envelop you in cushy goodness and instead realizing that it’s lost its touch. The harsh truth is that […]

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Best Outdoor-Inspired Decor for the Home

If you consider yourself a nature-lover, why not incorporate some elements of the outdoors into your indoors? Many colors that inspire relaxation can be found in nature; light blue, green, grey, and soft rose. Animal-related components can add some quirk to your design. It is remarkably easy to weave your […]