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How to Win the War Against Bedbugs

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a homeowner (or renter) like hearing about bedbugs. Suddenly, your entire body feels itchy, you’re convinced that you see little critters scurrying around out of the corner of your eye… in other words, total chaotic insanity. Want to avoid having to wage a […]

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How To Pick the Perfect Baby Mattress

Gone are the days when you could buy a crib, assume it came with a mattress, and be done with it. We now know that the type of mattress your baby sleeps on matters and that care should be taken when considering this big purchase. Whether you’re expecting your first […]

The Most Expensive Mattresses

The Most Expensive Mattresses

Can money buy you a better sleep? These mattress manufacturers seem to think so. From Savoir Bed’s $175,000 sleep surface to the $67,000 Hastens, here’s a look at some of the priciest sleep surfaces out there. Sweet dreams! HypnosThe makers of the self-proclaimed “most comfortable beds in the world”, Hypnos […]

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The Definitive Guide to Towels

Gone are the days of scratchy dorm towels or the threadbare numbers that accompanied you to your first apartment. Today, there are countless options that guarantee that stepping out of the shower will be the ultimate luxurious experience, provided you know what you’re looking for. From Egyptian cotton to Turkish […]

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6 Creative Toy Storage Solutions

Kids love toys, there’s no question about that. While parents love seeing their little ones having fun, things get decidedly less entertaining when it comes time to clean things up. Keep things cheerful and make tidying less of a chore with these excellent toy storage solutions, most of which are […]

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How to Clean Your Jewelery at Home

Jewelery cleaning solutions can be expensive and tend to have a limited shelf life, not to mention rife with chemicals. If you’d rather keep things green (and save a little green at the same time), why not learn how to clean and maintain your precious metals and gems yourself? With […]

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6 Natural Insect Repelling Solutions

With the blissfully sunny days of summer come the inevitable swarms of insects. Itchy mosquito bites, clouds of fruit flies…no one has time for any of that! While liberal applications of commercial insect repellants may be effective, they’re typically full of harsh ingredients that can be irritating at best, toxic […]

6 Tips for the Ultimate Organized Kitchen Cupboards

6 Tips for the Ultimate Organized Kitchen Cupboards

Say goodbye to avalanches of cans, spilled spices, and rogue pasta. With these practical and easy-to-implement organizational tips, your kitchen cupboards will look like they belong in the pages of the best home magazines in no time. Here are 6 ways to take your organization game to the next level. […]

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6 Simple Summer Sippers

With longer days and warmer nights comes the perfect setting for impromptu dinner parties and casual cookouts. Whether you’re hosting a formal event or just want something refreshing to kick back and relax with, nothing says summer like low-fuss but incredibly delicious thirst-quenching drinks. Be prepared for any occasion with […]

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6 Healing House Plants

More than just pretty to look at, house plants help oxygenate our air and add much-needed greenery to our living spaces. As if this weren’t enough, some plants possess therapeutic properties that can help treat burns, insomnia, and other common ailments. If the idea of your plant pulling double duty […]