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Outdoor Patio Design Tips and Ideas

If looking to create or spruce up your patio, look no further than these outdoor patio design tips and ideas. With summer hitting its peak, it’s that time of year to host various outdoor occasions such as graduation, wedding and birthday parties. These ideas spark inspiration for you to discover […]

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Bedtime Habits for People with Back Pain

Nearly 80% of Americans suffer from back pain. Whether the pain triggers in the upper or lower back, daily discomfort hinders the quality of life and possibly the sleep. People who suffer from chronic back pain maybe experiencing a combination of emotional and physical ailments, which produces pain in the […]

Best Conditions for Feng Shui House Plants

Best Conditions for Feng Shui House Plants

One of the quickest ways to increase positive and life vitality into your home is to decorate with houseplants. In essence, Feng Shui “loves” houseplants, but not any old or wilted plant. Healthy plants promote the wood element in feng shui thus enhancing new beginnings and progress. Feng shui has […]

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6 Quick and Easy Cool Summer Appetizer Ideas

Most Susie-Homemakers enjoy wining and dining guests. Summer is the time where hot weather rules and the body needs to stay cool. These quick-and-easy appetizer and beverage ideas keep the atmosphere chilled without breaking the bank. The next time you host your friends for a barbeque or a summer tiki […]

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Hydration and Sleep Connection

Many people do not realize that their health habits greatly influence or adversely affect their sleep quality. Drinking water is not only important for human survival, but also essential to maintain healthy sleep patterns. Every cell, tissue and organ requires water to function properly. Therefore, proper sleep and adequate hydration […]

Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

Say goodbye to foul chemical tastes, unnecessary white sugar and artificial sport drinks this summer. Instead, infuse your water with nature’s best to ensure adequate hydration while sipping something tasty. Plus, your water will acquire those much-needed vitamins and nutrients that the body desires. Get ready to crush, shake, and […]

Most Popular Bedtime Stories for Children

Most Popular Bedtime Stories for Children

Are you having difficulties putting your child to sleep? Somehow the comfort of mom or dad telling a bedtime story produces tired eyes and good nights sleep.  But for some families, bedtime stories are a pastime and extend a family’s tradition onto the next generation. When in need to lure […]

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Top Sleep Disorders that affect Americans

Nothing is more uncomfortable when you just want to sleep than a staring contest with a ceiling and living life with tired eyes. More than 30 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, and 20% of Americans have reported they obtain less than six hours of sleep per night on average. […]

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How to Sleep Sweat-free During Summer Nights

Summertime is near and that means warmer nights and sleepless, yet tired, eyes. Many people have issues while sleeping in warm or extremely hot conditions, but not to fear, there are plenty of ways to stay cool so you can catch your zzz’s. The next time you need to chill […]

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Sleep and Weight Control

It’s commonly misunderstood that weight loss and weight maintenance are only controlled through diet and exercise. Unfortunately, there’s more to weight loss than what’s put into the mouth, and that includes obtaining healthy, good sleep. If you are unaware on how sleep affects weight control, get ready to snuggle between […]