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9 Small Touches for Your Guest Room

If you enjoy hosting and entertaining, and you have a little room to spare, then you probably have a guest room—or at least have spent some time thinking about one.

A guest room is a great way to make your visiting loved ones feel comfortable while they’re on the road. They’ll be grateful that you’re offering them a place to lay their heads that’s a little more personal and homey than a hotel. To make your guests feel even more welcome, there are a few little touches  that will go a long way. Here are 9 ways to make visitors feel right at home.

Offer Toiletries
Shampoo, conditioner and soap can be a pain to pack. There’s a reason that hotels usually supply these for their guests, and you can do the same. Next time you’re staying at a hotel, take your leftover bottles home to plant in the guest bathroom. Alternatively, you can purchase small-sized bottles, which are often available at bath and body specific boutiques. Don’t forget some nice-smelling lotion!

Throw In Some Towels
Clean, spare towels for your guests are an absolute must. Instead of waiting for them to have to ask for some, lay fresh body, face and hand towels on your guest’s bed prior to their arrival. If you want to go all out, spend an extra minute folding the towels into a fun arrangement.

Feed Them!
Hosts often tell their guests that they are welcome to help themselves to food, but as a guest, it can be incredibly awkward to sift through another person’s fridge.

Think ahead by leaving a small snack basket or bowl in the guest room. Granola bars, crackers, apples and oranges are a nice touch. If your area is known for a particular delicacy—an exceptionally scrumptious chocolate shop’s creations, for instance—throw in a little sample to help your guest understand what the fuss is all about.

Do a Little Research
If your guests plan on doing some exploring on their own, help them out by picking up brochures and information pamphlets on local attractions ahead of time. They’ll appreciate your thoughtful suggestions.

Provide Often Forgotten Accessories
If you have an old hairdryer, toss it under the guest bathroom sink, since they might have left the bulky appliance behind.

Another good gadget to toss in the guest room? An alarm clock—it will help your visitor keep track of time (particularly helpful if there is a time change) and get out of bed in the morning.

Clear a Little Space
It’s not usual for a guest room to double as extra storage, so double check that your guests have plenty of space to unpack their clothes and belongings. Stock your closet with extra hangers, and have at least a full drawer available for their use.

Give Them Comfort
Offer your guests the best gift of all: a solid night of sleep. A comfortable mattress and pillows are an absolute must. Top the bed with clean, cozy linens and finish it all off with a big comforter and a few decorative pillows. Always have a spare blanket thrown over the bed in case your visitors get chilly.

Something to Read
It never hurts to leave a few magazines on the bedside table for your guest to peruse before bed, or if they’re filling some quiet time. Leave a few of your favorite books behind for visiting bookworms.

Mirror, Mirror
Mirrors are often overlooked in guest rooms, so be sure to have one hanging somewhere in the room. This is especially appreciated if you don’t have a private guest bathroom. A full-length mirror is best, space permitting, but any mirror is better than none!

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