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7 Decor Ideas for Infusing Your Home With Valentine’s Day

The pink and red construction paper hearts might have cut it in your early years, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day décor, it might be time for something slightly more sophisticated.

Valentine’s Day is a funny holiday—we typically don’t go all out with decorations, as we do for Christmas. But by the time the day of love rolls around, we’ve been holiday-starved for about a month and a half, and Easter is still months away. We might as well get a little festive.

Here are 7 ideas to set the mood for Valentine’s Day in your home.

Recycle the Red
Here’s where procrastinating gets you ahead: if you haven’t completely put away your Christmas decorations yet, you can reuse some of those red and white pieces for Valentine’s day. Candles, place settings, even little red ornaments placed in a jar or clear vase can work for Valentine’s. If it looks too Christmas-y, cut it with something pink. Solid and patterned red items will work for this, but make sure the pattern isn’t Santa silhouettes or leaping reindeer!

Get Sweet
Adorable and delicious—what’s not to like about Valentine’s day candies? Find a few transparent containers, whether they be small apothecary jars or Mason jars. Fill them up with candies, like cinnamon hearts or the pastel hearts with messages—or look beyond the seasonal candy and choose red, white and pink gum balls or jujubes. Mix and match, or stick to a single candy or color. These will look perfectly sweet lined up on a mantle, set on a side table, or arranged as a centerpiece.

Think Bright
Traditional Valentine’s décor is rich and romantic, but why not make it a little more fun? Instead of deep reds, play with bright pinks and corals, accented with warm creams instead of pure whites. Try replacing a bouquet of red roses with flowers in this more refreshing color palette. It’ll have you salivating for springtime—not too long to go, now!

Display Those Valentines
Whether you’ve saved your best Valentines from over the years, or the kids have hauled home a sack full of cards, don’t just stash them away—display them!

Scout garage sales, clearance bins at craft sales, or your own collection of picture frames and select some that are larger than the cards you’d like to frame. If the picture frames don’t all match, consider a little crafting to create a cohesive theme—try painting them all white, for instance.

Affix each card to a piece of cardstock as a mat, and pop them in the frames. You’ll end up with a clean-looking display that will remind you of everyone who loves you, each and every time you walk by.

I <3 Wreaths
Who says wreaths aren’t for Valentine’s Day? Heart shaped Styrofoam shapes are easy to find. Get creative with fake flowers and ribbon, and hang your creation on the front door so that your home exudes festiveness, inside and out.

Think Unconventional Spaces
Your Valentine’s décor needn’t be limited to the front entrance or mantelpiece—why not infuse your bathroom with a little romance? Swap out the regular linens for red and white towels, and maybe even replace the shower curtain with something a little more luxurious. Find fun heart-shaped or rose petal-shaped hand soaps. Don’t forget candles and some delicious bubble bath soaps and oils!

Beyond Traditional Bouquets
Swap out the long stemmed roses for something a little more natural, like pussy willow or even just bare branches. I know I said that heart-shaped cut-outs were a thing of the past, but hanging some plain paper hearts with red ribbon from the branches will make your bouquet blossom. This project is easy, inexpensive and can make as big or as little of an impact as you want, depending on how large you go.

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