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6 Reasons to Love Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone® Color of the Year 2014

Pantone® Color of the Year 2014:

Every year, the world-renowned authority on color, Pantone, picks a color to represent that specific twelve-month period. And in case you’re not “in the know” just yet, 2014 is the year of Radiant Orchid. Pantone describes this rich hue as, “A captivating harmony of fuschia, purple and pink undertones” that “emanates great joy, love and health.” For as many hues there are of Radiant Orchid, there are reasons to love this color. Here are the top six:

It goes well with neutrals, classics and metallics
If you’re looking for a color that will complement black, gray, white or gold, you’ve met your match. Radiant Orchid is rich and vibrant, but not so much that it can’t hang out with the classics. In fact, we might argue that Radiant Orchid was meant to be that ideal supporting actor who draws you in without stealing the scene.

It’s vibrant
Radiant Orchid combines the richest of purple with the brightest of magenta to make a color that’s anything but dull. If you’re looking for an accent pillow to make your couch pop, Radiant Orchid will gladly do the job. Interested in bathing one bedroom wall in a hue that’s warm, happy and soothing? We think you know what we’re going to say next… Radiant Orchid has you covered.

It’s a great accent color
2014’s Color of the Year is happy to be the center of attention, but perhaps even more notably, it’s able to be the accent color you’ve always wanted. Whether you choose to have a rug, blanket or towel in this purple-toned shade, you’ll notice how well it enhances every other color it’s around. This makes the color a great all-around pick for any room in your home.

It’s surprising
Radiant Orchid isn’t quite purple, and it just isn’t pink. It’s not that bold, nor is it subdued. But it is surprising and fresh. Much like a trend that’s just emerging, this color is a little bit unexpected, yet welcome. So use it in moderation if you enjoy it, and you’ll be one step ahead of those who are too uncertain to go with just a hint of surprise when it comes to color.

It comes in shades galore
Radiant Orchid has so many shades that it’s hard not to find one you love. Everything from a light lavender to a more heavy-hitting magenta qualifies, so you can pick the one you like most and use it in different settings. Perhaps a lighter hue tending toward lavender would suit one room, while a darker and richer tone would be ideal for another room’s drapery or the kitchen’s tablecloth.

It’s beautiful every season
Many colors are experienced as a part of a season or holiday. Try not to think of Christmas when you see red and green paired together, for example. But Radiant Orchid is a color all its own, and can be used to brighten up a dreary winter or enhance the warm, light feeling you have when summer comes around. This may be the color of the year, but it’s also a great year-round color, and we have a feeling that even after it’s lost its title of Color of the Year, it’ll be here to stay.

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