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6 Interior Design Trends for 2014

Seeking inspiration for freshening up your home, whether it’s a simple redecoration or a major renovation? You’re not alone. A new year is all about starting afresh, and 2014 is all about …

Dazzling Metals
Warm metallics, like gold, bronze and brass, are huge for 2014. These rich finishes give a room a multidimensional feeling. The way the light catches on these materials is, quite literally, dazzling. Stay fabulous, not tacky; a room dripping top-to-bottom in gold is too much, but accent pieces are a great addition. Kitchen hardware, picture frames, mirror frames, sconces, candlesticks, towel holders, and lamps are all great places for these metals. Don’t be afraid to mix different metal accessories in the same area!

New Ways to Get Clean
Showers are the focus of 2014—forget locker-room style showers; people are now looking to bring the spa into the home. Think multiple showerheads, soothing stone finishes, and convenient built-ins to store shampoos. The “curbless” shower is also predicted to take-off. The floor of the shower blends seamlessly into the bathroom floor, with no barrier between the two. From a practical standpoint, these showers are easily accessibile, but they also look sleek, modern and minimalist.

Let it Shine
Embrace the glossy finish! Whether its shiny countertops, lots of glass, or mirror embellishments, polished surfaces reflect light, making a room feel brighter and bigger. Matte has had its time, and now it’s all about a shiny, modern look.

Small is the New Big
It’s no longer about how much space you have; it’s about making the most of that space. That means efficient build-ins and hidden storage, pieces with multiple functions (without compromising style) and getting rid of clutter and excess. Whether you’re downsizing because the kids are moving out, you want to cut down on your ecological footprint, or your checkbook is screaming, you’re not alone. Excess is out, efficient is in, and minimalism remains en vogue.

Mechanical Meets Comfortable
Industrial was a popular look for 2013, and many elements of this theme will translate over to 2014– but with an added dash of warmth. Think of a robot and human becoming friends. Metal will remain a prevalent texture, and a clean, streamlined feel will stick around, but accents will make these areas feel more liveable and less institutional. Earth shades and raw finishes will help soften the look. To achieve the right balance, neutralize industrial-feeling elements with items inspired by nature. Wood paired with metal or floral print mixed with geometric lines are two ways to do this.

Masculine Influence
More GQ than bachelor pad, the masculine aesthetic will continue to evolve in 2014. Like men’s fashion, masculine design is about clean lines, smart details, understated touches and deep colors. The goal is comfort and practicality, but with a regard to tasteful design. Incorporate masculine touches like distressed leather and dark woods in areas like the media room, a basement bar, or even a makeshift lounge/smoking room.

Throughout all these trends, one theme prevails: comfort remains king. An overly clutter space will not calm the soul, but an excessively cold, bare-bones space will not feel like home.

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