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10 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill



Winter can be an expensive season. With dinners to host, hostess gifts to pick up, and holiday presents to purchase, your wallet is already under a lot of stress. And then, of course, there’s your energy bill.

This winter, avoid dreading the utility bills by implementing some cost-saving tactics around your house. Make your abode more energy efficient while saving your hard earned money: now that’s a win-win!

Tune Up Your Heating System
If your heating system isn’t working properly, you’re going to waste a ton of money this winter season. Getting a tune up at the start of the season means that your heating system will operate efficiently all winter long.

Stop Drafts
If you feel drafts coming from your windows and doors, it could be time to fix caulking and replace weather seals. If cold air can come in, then hot air can go out just as easily. You definitely don’t want to be paying to heat the outdoors!

Clear the Air
Check your sources of heat and make sure that the surrounding area is clear. For instance, if you rely on baseboard heaters to keep your house warm, make sure that furniture or curtains don’t block the boards—this will also help reduce the potential for a fire.

Dress Up
Don’t expect to get away with summertime clothes during these cold winter months. If you’re feeling chilly, avoid the temptation to reach for the thermostat—instead, pull on a cozy winter sweater. You’ll also want to invest in some plush slippers: warm feet can help the rest of you feel toasty.

Get Unplugged
Your appliances use electricity whenever they’re plugged into a socket – even if they’re not turned on! Think about everything you’ve got plugged in right now: laptop power cords, phone chargers, the TV, the microwave… Save money and power by unplugging appliances when they are not in use.

Magic Carpet
Area rugs can work a little magic on hard surfaces: throw one down to help your room retain heat and to keep your feet cozy.

Close the Door
If your home has extra rooms that you don’t use all that frequently, like guest rooms, keep the door closed when it’s not in use. That way, you won’t be paying extra to keep the room heated.

Let There Be LED Lights
No matter how you slice it, putting up Christmas lights will cost you a little extra. No need to be a Scrooge about it: if you’re still using old-school Christmas lights, bite the bullet and invest in LED lights. They’ll save you a fortune over the years.

Warm Patiently
It’s the ultimate electricity no-no: cranking up the heat super high to get it hot as fast as humanely possible. Resist the temptation to do this—it actually doesn’t heat your home any faster, anyway.

Bring on the Humidity
Heat things up without turning up the thermostat by picking up a humidifier. When the air is a little humid, it takes less heat to make you feel more comfortable. Adding a few house plants to the mix is another great way to pump up the humidity in your home.

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