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Zzz’s Science: 6 Movies, Talks, and Segments about Sleep

We spend roughly a third of our life asleep, and yet we rarely give it more of a thought than how we want more of it when the alarm clock goes buzzing off Monday morning. But, having staked a third of our life so far in this ancient practice, humans have created a world of disorders, inabilities, understandings, and healthy tips on this well practiced field of research. And to get you more informed on something your body already knows so much about, here for you are 6 movies, talks, and news segments concerning the elusive act of catching some Zzz’s:

CBS News -The Science of Sleep
This 25 minute CBS special reinforces the general argument for getting a good night’s sleep. And with statistical and sleep-study enforced data to show the poor performances of the under slept, this news piece begins to dive into the biological necessities that a good night’s sleep provides. Check it out to better understand something that your physical body has known about since you were born.

PBS Nova’s “What Are Dreams” – Presented by Documentary Addicts
Secret symbols, Freudian slips, and unclear messages; this documentary takes a stab at the meanings behind your dreams. Haven’t you ever questioned why your mind keeps thinking about spaghetti in your tennis shoes, or highways full of cars driving themselves? This documentary doesn’t claim to give the definitive interpretation of your dreams, but can help open the door to a better understanding of the subconscious matinee you watch every night.

Sleepwalk With Me
A great “documentary” set on a film stage, comedian Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk With Me” is a brilliant movie edition of his true stand-up comedy routine of the same name. Mike narrates the audience with the trials and tribulations of love, career struggles, and comedic interactions all centered around a potentially life threatening case of sleepwalking. A great movie guaranteed to make you laugh, “Sleepwalk With Me” is available on Netflix instant queue and home delivery.

Ted Talk – The Science of Sleep: Jessa Gamble
Jessa Gamble’s short 4 minute talk about sleep introduces the subject of alternative sleep cycles, specifically promoting a biphasic sleep cycle. Watch the video yourself, but ask yourself the question before you do, when is the last time you have felt totally awake and 100% within the situation you have at hand? Perhaps a different night’s sleep can help you answer that question faster.

BBC: 10 Things You Need to Know about Sleep, presented by YouTube
A general overview of interesting tid-bits, advice, and scientific stats about something we spend roughly a third of our lives doing – snoozing; this quick list of sleep segments covers everything from plugging up the sounds of snoring to colloquial sleep remedies. A good watch if you’re interested in the broad spectrum of the subject of sleep and British journalists.

Journey Man Pictures: Eyes Wide Open
Purchase the DVD, or rent it for the low price of one British Pound, whatever you do, check out the trailer on YouTube first. It’s sort of ironic, but if you do indeed have trouble sleeping, this documentary about insomnia, and the dangerous effects it can have on your health and well-being, probably won’t help you sleep any easier. Interesting none the less, through visual examples and scientific studies, “Eyes Wide Open” captures a problem that hits home for most of the population: sleep deprivation.

By Brad Lane

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