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Take Care for the Holidays!

uretskyOh the joy this season brings! With the endless to-do lists and shorter days with which to do them, if I don’t pace myself, I can quickly become a rundown and sick hot mess.

Don’t get me wrong I love the holidays, but the truth is, this is the time of year when it gets dark after work, there are still errands to run and kids to put down just so I can catch some quick dinner before indulging into a marathon session of Breaking Bad. But by the time I finally tear myself away from the TV, it’s late. At this point, I do a quick mental calculation to see how many hours I have left to recoup some much needed rest. I often end up short of the seven to nine hours that the National Sleep Foundation recommends.

For that reason it’s absolutely crucial that the little sleep I do get is of the restorative variety. This is where bedding comes in. Yes, I know, I’m blessed. I’m the CEO of a bedding company so naturally, I get to “test” some of our luxury bedding products. But despite that fact, I still wholeheartedly believe that good bedding can make or break good sleep. Going from an old loft-less pillow to one that properly supports your neck and spine can be the difference between tossing and turning in those few precious hours you do have left in the night.

And if sleep were just about me, I might be ok with pushing it off just a bit, but the reality is sleep is not about me – it affects how I care for the people around me. I wholeheartedly believe that taking better care of me means taking better care of who’s mine.

So I wish you and yours a healthy and productive holiday season – one full of joy, sweet dreams, and at the very end of it, some much needed sleep!

Tiffany Uretsky
CEO Down Linens
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