Meet the Eds

If anyone knows anything about down, it’s us. We’ve been supplying down to the world for over a century and just recently, started producing our own brand of blankets, throws, duvets, and comforters under the DownLinens mantra. Through innovative fabrics and the highest quality of down, we bring Z’s to thousands of people in the country. This blog is our way of sharing that expertise with you.

Our team is made up of interior design writers, sleep specialists, and some darn good writers.

Got some ideas, tips or advice to share?  Everyone has something to say about their sleep. If so, shoot us a line.

Editorial Team 

Yoon Kim – Editor
Yoon’s has been a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors  (ASJA) since 2008. His most recent project includes interviews with Shaun White, Alex Honnold, Torstein Horgmo, Hannah Teter, and Gretchen Bleiler.  These days, he focuses his attention on the softer sides of life – interior design and sleep.

See his work at


Nikki Hodgson
Nikki is a freelance writer with a talent for creating spectacles and getting into ridiculous situations. When not writing, she enjoys falling down mountain slopes, kayaking rivers upside down, and repairing things with duct tape. Dividing her time between Europe and the Middle East she despises temperatures above 100 F, and has mastered the following French phrases: “Can you call mountain rescue?,” “I don’t think it’s broken,” “and I would love another bottle of wine, thanks.” Follow her (mis)adventures at Nikki Travels.

Bryan Schatz
Bryan doesn’t fool around, got it? And most wouldn’t characterize him as a ‘joyous fellow,’ though he does find joy in a few things; namely mud, lunacy, and eating terror for breakfast. He also delights in the outdoors, has an unfortunately destitute lifestyle and is intrigued by fringe societies. Bryan hopes to one day become a crime journalist of tremendous stature. You can get in touch with him here.


Melina Coogan
For the last thirteen years, Melina has been traveling the globe, climbing and whitewater kayaking in over a dozen countries, purely for the sake of having things to talk about. She excels at puns, vocabulary, and campfire story domination.  She studied writing at the University of Washington with scholarships for both fiction and poetry. Melina recently picked up her certificate in Wilderness Surivival and currently resides in Seattle where she writes for magazines and her blog, The Wilder Coast.

Patrick Hutchison's WritingPatrick Hutchison 
Patrick is originally from Seattle but you’ll find him traveling, hiking, writing and eating in Patagonia.  As a youngster, Patrick fell in love with the wooded outdoors, where he would intentionally get himself lost.  Now, he tries not to get lost, but investigates gear that would save him just in case he did.  You can follow his adventures in Patagonia at Chasing the Cloudwall.