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Live in a Tourist Hub? 5 Ways to Survive Family Guests


If you live in a highly desirable area, you may be inundated with guests. Family and friends are always loved but sometimes surviving their visits can be tricky. Here are few tips to keep the peace, and make you the hostess with the most-est will minimal effort.

Clean and Equip Your Home
These few chores can set you up for success: Clean and provide your guests with enough bedsheets; Write down your wifi code and place it on the fridge; Clean your house and empty the trash; Fold a bath and wash towel on their bed so they don’t have to ask for one; Place your work schedule on the fridge.

Keep Tourist Area Maps on Hand
Equipping your guests with a map of your immediate area filled with attractions, places to eat, and things to do is a great first step in enabling them to be self-sufficient. Circle a few items to get them started (if you’re working, can’t, or don’t want to join them).

Build a Tour and Public Transit Book
When I lived in Costa Rica my tour book was key. My guests simply flipped through the available tours nearby and decided for themselves what to do. You can accomplish this by taking the tour’s brochure or print the online marketing page and drop it into a clear sheet protector. If you can, stick to one tour operator and you can make commissions on each tour. At the end of the book list all of their transportation options. Include a number for the local taxi company, bus schedule with route map, train, air rail, or trolley when applicable, and free local shuttles.

Set Boundaries
If you work from home, or have goals that keep you busy for a set amount of time, let your guests know what your availability will be prior to their arrival so they arrive with the realistic expectations. If your schedule is flexible, do your best to shift things around without sacrificing your work. If you can flip your work time to accommodate your guests, why not do so?

Cook Together
Meals can be tag-teamed. You have an excellent opportunity to show your guests some fancy local cuisine you’ve learned to make and introduce them to new foods. They have the opportunity to share with you their favorite recipes. Making food is always a great way to bond. Plus, cooking from home saves everyone money.

When you feel inconvenienced, or crowded, remember, your guests will leave in a few days. While your routine may go to crap, you have an excellent opportunity to grow closer to the loved ones who have chosen to spend a lot of money to see you. Cherish them.

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