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How to Get a Pillow Fight Started

Whether you’re home with family during the holidays, having your girlfriend over for a wine and a movie, or entertaining the neighborhood kiddos, pillow fights are always and forever in season. However, getting a pillow fight started requires that the right mood be set and, while spontaneity is always best, it never hurts to have a plan.

Choose Your Weapon
The obvious choice is any pillow you can get your hands on, however, it is also highly recommended that you utilize blankets and stuffed animals nearby. This is particularly important if you are pillow fighting with children, as they can be merciless little monsters who will ensure that you meet your pillowy end one way or another.

Supply the Tunes
Depending on your audience, music is a great way to get the pillow party started. Entertaining a bunch of tweens? Try pumping some Justin Beiber or some Taylor Swift. Having your girl over for a romantic romp? Blast some Led Zepplin or Jimi Hendrix.

Feed Your Guests
Pillow fight snacks are a must. When beating friends and loved owns with feather-filled objects, a significant amount of calories are burned. That being said, finger foods are best. Chex-mix, popcorn, and chips (because who doesn’t like chips) are the obvious go-tos.

With these simple steps, you’ll be in the thick of a pillow fight in no time.



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