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How the Universe Affects our Sleep

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We all have heard that the universe somehow affects the planet in one way or another from tides to behaviors. But what many people may not realize is that the universe affects our sleep during certain planetary alignments and seasons. So the next time you question your sleep issues or disorder, take a look at what is happening in the universe to recognize if it’s a temporary issue.

Seasonal Zzz’s
It’s no shock that sleepy eyes are more prevalent in the winter than the summer. Studies show that humans and animals follow the celestial patterns of the sky when it comes to sleep. Thus, the shorter days and longer nights during the winter months allows us to rest and hibernate for the sunny summer. So it should be no surprise that animals hibernate in the winter for no other reason than it’s their natural, biological rhythm.

S.A.D. Days
Those who live in cloudy climates may suffer from extreme daytime tiredness and fatigue. Seasonal Affective Disorder is when the clouds and dreary weather messes with the brain’s hormonal secretion. When clouds fog over the sun, the brain secretes more melatonin (thinking it’s time to rest) instead of serotonin. The melatonin secretion may also be disrupted and not secreted regularly during nighttime hours.

The Revolving Sun
In astrological terms, each planet moves throughout the houses during the 24 hour time period. Around midnight, the sun moves through the house of Gemini, which rules communication and mental activity. Therefore, some people may experience a “watchful” sleep and rise out of the deep REM sleep and moves into thoughtful, reflective state of sleep.

The 24-Hour Sun
In astrology, the sun represents consciousness. The sun is into a different astrological house every two hours. Thus, our consciousness is affected based on what sign is linked with the sun.

Planetary Help and Hindrances
Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon affect our sleep. Mercury rules the nerves and brain. The moon governs our emotions, heart and stomach, and Jupiter rules the liver and lungs. Sometimes during retrograde or inauspicious planetary alignments people’s sleep activity is disrupted thanks to the tough forces presented from the planets.

More Morning Sunlight
Insomniacs need to restart their circadian rhythm to get back on track to healthy and happy sleep. Light signals to the brain that it is time to wake up and restarts the biological clock. Spending time outdoors walking in the sunlight or using an artificial light therapy lamp is an effective tool to alert the brain that it’s time to start the day.

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