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How Do I Create a Comfortable Bed?

A comfortable and cozy bed ranks right up there with comfy running shoes and your favorite pair of go-to jeans. The atmosphere that you create for and around your place of rest is not only essential to how well you sleep but also affects your attitudes and moods before you sleep and after you wake. If your mattress is too hard or soft, you may wake feeling stiff and irritable. If your comforter leaves you chilly in the night, your sleep might be restless and interrupted. Luckily, there are a few key steps you can take to create the perfect place for hitting the hay.

It’s All About the Colors
Research shows that room color affects our moods dramatically. Colors like red and yellow amp us up, get our blood flowing, and excite us. Blues and greens, however, relax us and encourage us to unwind. That being said, choose green and blue bedding so that just one glance at your bed will send warmth and calm through your body. You could also choose light yellows which are mildly invigorating but do not over-excite.

Pillows Galore!
Since these soft essentials come in a variety of shapes and sizes, why not deviate from the standard rectangular pillows and incorporate pillows that are circular, cylindrical, or full-body? Adding this type of variety to your bed ensures that you have a pillow for every sleeping position and will enable you to be more comfortable while reading or writing before lights-out.

Smart Lighting
Speaking of “lights out”, strategically placing a lamp beside your bed or positioning the head of your bed where you can reach light switches while still laying down is a smooth move, indeed. Why? It allows you to get into your bed, read, write, and turn off the lights without ever having to leave your place of rest. This signals to your brain that it’s time to wind down and ensures that that winding down process is uninterrupted.

Be sure to choose lighting that is soft and golden in nature. If you have a large window or two in your room, draping them with gossamer fabric in the mood inducing colors we talked about earlier will ensure that you wake gradually to the natural light streaming through.

Blankets in Abundance
If you’re like most of us, you like to burrow into your bed on chilly nights, surrounded by covers. Conversely, on those hot summer nights, you prefer a sheet and thin throw at best. That being said, keep several soft blankets on hand for various seasons. Thicker down and flannel fabrics for the winter that can be swapped out for cotton in the spring and summer.

Sleep well, and sleep smart!

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