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Dreams: Meanings and Analysis

One universal trait shared by all mankind is that we dream. And whether it is during the day or night, whether you remember them or not, our minds reveal interesting looks into our subconscious as we sleep. But much like a foreign film without subtitles, the pictures we see can be hard to interpret. And while some believe that it’s just random neurons rapid firing without any care, there is a deep community of thinkers that believe dreams reveal more about us than we realize. And to put that to the test, here are 5 Facebook inquiries and interpretations of some of their most reoccurring dreams.

p1Hannah D: I’ve been having a variety of dreams involving bees, both with and without stinging. Tell me what this means!
To see a bee in your dreams is typically a pleasant dream symbol. Often times it represents hard work in your waking life, hence the term “busy as a bee.” Bees buzzing around you could be symbolic of many people buzzing around in your daily life. And just as the bees work hard, ideally you too will be rewarded with a sweet final product in terms of financial and personal success. To get stung by a bee can represent that you have recently been “stung” or wounded in your personal life by someone’s actions or words. 

Andrew S: Reoccurring dreams of being swallowed by a tsunami.
Unurprisingly, a tsunami in your dreams can represent feelings of being overwhelmed. Like the relentless waves of the tsunami, symbolic imagery would suggest that you are being swallowed by either some physical challenge in front of you or repressed feelings towards events in your life. Indicative of some stressors, dreams of these varieties aren’t abnormal even if you don’t feel overly stressed when you are awake.

Robert R: There’s a grocery store I frequent in my dreams where the aisles aren’t big enough to push carts down. Everyone just squeezes past each other trying to get their shopping done.
This is a complex dream with a lot of moving parts. According to the online resources, visiting a grocery store in your dreams can represent a variety of symbols. Most of the research suggests that visiting a grocery store is symbolic of a need or want in your life that is currently unsatisfied. Physical or emotional, the question to ask is what are you shopping for? The shopping cart itself is symbolic of hard work being reaped in your daily life. And the most interesting twist of this dream with the small aisles could represent a form of claustrophobia, which according to the resources may represent a sense of inner-turmoil or guilt among yourself and others.

Riley E: I’ve had a recurring dream for years that I go to a zoo without fences, get distracted, and accidentally wander into the moose enclosure, presumably, to my death….
Another complex dream here. A zoo in a dream can often represent a feeling of being confined or held back in your waking life, like you are feeling held captive. Also, zoos can represent confusion in your life, as in “this place is a zoo!” But, because the zoo you are visiting has no fences, perhaps your dreams signify the exact opposite of confinement. A moose is a very symbolic creature as well. Often times representing feelings of long life and longevity, the moose is also known to be a both powerful and gentle animal. Death in a dream can represent a variety of meanings including but not limited to a wake-up call, escape from reality, and coping with death.

Fidi N: I occasionally have a dream that I am a part of some sort of theatre production. As soon as we begin rehearsals, we are told that the show is going to be performed live within minutes, at which point I frantically search for my lines but nobody ever has any. We end up improvising. Sometimes it goes well.
With theater dreams, the theme is suggested by the action. In this case, you are a part of the production and on stage, which might suggest a number of things: including a role that is not true,which you play anyway in your waking life, that you are surrounded by characters on a day to day basis, or that you are stepping into a sudden new responsibility. And while a script in your dreams reportedly signifies power and control over the direction of your life, the lack of one might suggest the opposite. The fact that it goes well for you occasionally might signify that you are not overly stressed about the lack of life’s script.

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