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Decorating With the 2015 Color of the Year

We have a strong feeling that the grass is going to be very, very green in 2015.

At least, that’s what Benjamin Moore seems to think: the paint company has just announced the official color of 2015. Say hello to Guilford Green!

This cool-as-a-cucumber neutral green color officially sets the stage for decorating trends in the year to come. Here are 7 ways to use this on-trend color in the coming year throughout your home. Just wait until you see how versatile it is.

Picture the underside of a fuzzy sage leaf: that’s the kind of green you want to infuse your bathroom with to create a spa-like oasis. This calming color practically begs you to kick back, relax, and breathe in the eucalyptus steam. For the full luxury spa effect, paint your walls in this subdued tone, invest in some off-white towels, and fill your soap dish with a piece of lemon-sage handcrafted soap.

Go Beachy
Turn to shades of wispy sand grass for a little beachy inspiration for your home. Paired with a sandy beige and neutral grey-blue, this color palette is perfect for a beach house—or a beach lover’s house, for those not lucky enough to live by the sea. We love it for living rooms and guest bedrooms: it offers the perfect combination of cozy, yet clean.

Pack a Punch
Make a room pop with a statement piece of furniture in a bolder version of the color of the year. Look for pieces that are more lime than forest and keep the rest of the room relatively neutral.

Sophisticated Bedroom Style
Guilford Green makes us think of green grapes (and the tasty wines they make), so it only makes sense to pair the color with rich, deep burgundies. This lush color pairing is perfect for a master bedroom that’s fit for a king.

Thinking Chocolate
You could pair this silvery green with just about any neutral, but you definitely can’t go wrong by dressing it up with a deep chocolate brown. Think dark chocolate, not milk. This tasty combination is ideal for a kitchen with dark wood cabinets and details.

Welcome to the Tropics
The best part about Guilford Green is that it’s a natural neutral, meaning that you can readily find it in nature. In other words, decorating with the 2015 Color of the Year is as easy as picking up some leafy houseplants. Leafy greens will make your home feel a little bit tropical—plus, they’re generally easy to maintain and will make your home feel a little fresher.

Balance the Home Office
In color psychology, green is said to be a relaxing, calming pick. That’s why waiting rooms and doctor offices are often painted green. It’s also the easiest color on your eyes, which means that it will help you see more clearly and stay more focused. If there was ever a color for a home office, this is it: a soft green palette will keep you focused on productive all while diffusing the typical work-related stress. Sounds like a win/win to us.

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