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8 Ways to Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

If the holiday season brings you more anxiety than joy, it might be time to reconsider how you’re doing things. Take a good look inwards: chances are pretty good that you can control whatever factors tend to cause you stress this time of year. Before the holiday season really gets […]

A Few for the Ladies: Celebrating Women Veterans this Veterans Day

A Few for the Ladies: Celebrating Women Veterans this Veterans Day

This Year’s Veterans Day celebrations include many that honor the women who have served in the Armed Forces. Here is a sampling of just a few of these ceremonies. Women’s Memorial Veterans Day Observance, Arlington, Maryland This is the 17th year of this ceremony here at the Women in Military […]

7 Reasons That Responsible Down Standard Down is the Humane Choice

7 Reasons That Responsible Down Standard Down is the Humane Choice

If you haven’t already heard about the Responsible Down Standard, you’ll want to pay close attention: this certification is changing the down industry in a major way. Down has a ton of awesome properties, including its ability to provide warmth without being heavy or bulky. But until recently, the industry […]


10 Things to Know About Housesitting

Imagine, for a moment, being lucky enough to have properties scattered across the globe. A villa to call home on a trip to Spain, for instance, or a condo to crash in when you jet off to Tokyo. How about a mountainside cabin for those Rocky Mountain ski getaways? There’s a […]


7 Tips for Being the Best Houseguest Ever

Sure, you could always stay in a hotel—but boarding with friends and family is so much more fun! Plenty of bonding time, home cooked meals, more than a few pennies saved… what’s not to like? Being a houseguest is a privilege, and there are a few things that you can […]


The Scariest Things of the 21st Century

Living in the 21st century, we face some unique frights every day. Forget the headless horsemen and secret dungeons, nobody has time for that anymore. Instead, let’s remind ourselves in this Halloween season of some of the scarier events that we confront face to face, the moments where a bathroom […]


7 Decor Tips for a Killer Halloween Party

When it comes to decorating, Halloween is hands down the best holiday—so if you’re throwing a Halloween party, you better be ready to go all out. This is not the season to practice subtlety or restraint! One of the best things about decorating for a Halloween party is that there […]

Simple Soup Recipes for Fall

Simple Soup Recipes for Fall

Busy days, cooler nights. What could be more appropriate than a comforting bowl of hearty soup for dinner? Skip the canned stuff and opt for fresher, healthier, homemade options that will make you wonder why you haven’t been doing this all along. Easy Broccoli Blender Soup (adapted from Eating Well) Ingredients […]


10 Alternative Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

You cannot deny the brisk hours of the morning, the shortened sun at night; it’s easy to see that winter is coming. And for those of you that are frozen in terror for the next season to bring, why so concerned? There are numerous ways to stay warm this winter, […]

Man Bags: Why We Don’t Carry a Purse

Man Bags: Why We Don’t Carry a Purse

Men. We have gym bags, duffle bags, shaving kits, and even fanny bags if need be to carry our stuff. The difference is we don’t feel the need to carry all that stuff around, all the time. Gym Bags I have a gym bag I use to carry my work-out […]