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How to Decorate your Bedroom like a Boutique Hotel

How to Decorate your Bedroom like a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels come in all shapes, styles and designs. Boutique hotels are perfect design for individuality, where no two places, or rooms, are alike. If looking to recreate your room to fit your boutique style, follow these tips to ensure a sweet and whimsical nights rest. Strip to the Basics […]

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How to Decorate Your Home Like a Spa Resort

Spa resorts features that tranquil atmosphere that most yearn to experience outside of vacation. Luckily, there’s no hidden secret, and transforming your home to resemble a spa resort is easier now than ever. These easy to follow tips help transform your home to the everyday vacation destination to rest your […]

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6 Common Decor Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Not everyone can be an interior design school grad, and some of us just weren’t born with a natural eye for décor. But that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of off-scale, iffy-looking rooms. Take a look around your home—see if you’re guilty of committing any of these […]

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5 Dog Beds That Will Have Your Dog Dreaming

It’s no secret that dogs like to sleep. A lot. Just how much a dog sleeps varies from breed to breed, and even dog to dog, but it’s safe to say that your pup definitely sleeps more than you do. Larger breeds like Saint Bernards and mastiffs can sleep up to […]

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6 Creative Toy Storage Solutions

Kids love toys, there’s no question about that. While parents love seeing their little ones having fun, things get decidedly less entertaining when it comes time to clean things up. Keep things cheerful and make tidying less of a chore with these excellent toy storage solutions, most of which are […]

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6 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

Interior design is not every homemaker’s specialty. If your home has the look and feel you desire, it’ll be that place you call “home sweet home.” However, there are a couple of design ideas that can be better improved in this modern age. Say goodbye to the old-school shag carpet […]

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6 Healing House Plants

More than just pretty to look at, house plants help oxygenate our air and add much-needed greenery to our living spaces. As if this weren’t enough, some plants possess therapeutic properties that can help treat burns, insomnia, and other common ailments. If the idea of your plant pulling double duty […]

What You Need to Know About Pillows

What You Need to Know About Pillows

We’ve come a long way since the days of ancient Egypt. Back then, pillows were stone pillars that were used to prop up heads in order to prevent insects from entering various orifices. Thankfully, that’s typically not a concern these days and we’ve progressed to decidedly more comfortable options. Considering […]

Best Conditions for Feng Shui House Plants

Best Conditions for Feng Shui House Plants

One of the quickest ways to increase positive and life vitality into your home is to decorate with houseplants. In essence, Feng Shui “loves” houseplants, but not any old or wilted plant. Healthy plants promote the wood element in feng shui thus enhancing new beginnings and progress. Feng shui has […]

6 Great Storage Beds

6 Great Storage Beds

Whether closet space is at a premium or you’re just looking for somewhere to stash your extra linens, a storage bed can go a long way in keeping your bedroom organized. Once considered an unattractive but practical option, designers have stepped up their games in a big way and the […]