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5 Alternative, Stylish, and Unique Coffee Makers

5 Alternative, Stylish, and Unique Coffee Makers

Ah, the coffee maker. For many of us it’s the thing that gets us out of the bed in the morning, it’s the most commonly used appliance in the kitchen arsenal, and whether you realize it or not, it’s a design element that  can either be hidden beneath the kitchen […]


10 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

Winter can be an expensive season. With dinners to host, hostess gifts to pick up, and holiday presents to purchase, your wallet is already under a lot of stress. And then, of course, there’s your energy bill. This winter, avoid dreading the utility bills by implementing some cost-saving tactics around […]


5 Ways to Cook with Pumpkin

Pumpkin is the quintessential fall season emblem. From Jack-O-Lanterns to Pumpkin Spice Latte, the pumpkin craze hit groceries store shelves and bakery glass cases with a vengeance to be known and heard. Luckily, cooking with pumpkin is easier than it looks, especially when using canned pumpkin. From soups to desserts, […]


Tips for Solving 6 Thanksgiving Dinner Dilemmas

Thanksgiving dinner is no ordinary meal—and, correspondingly, Thanksgiving dinner-related dilemmas are no ordinary mistakes. Guests have traveled from near and far to attend, and you’ve dropped a pretty penny on all the ingredients—not to mention the hours you’ve spent in the kitchen over the past few days. With so much […]

Healthy Meals That Kids Can Make

Healthy Meals That Kids Can Make

Raising an adventurous eater can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be that way. By involving children in meal selection and preparation, you can help bolster their confidence, incorporate new flavors, and even get a night off once in a while. Read on for a how-to guide on […]


8 Tips for Hosting Your First Thanksgiving Dinner

It seemed like such a great idea at the time. But now that you’re facing the reality that you need to cook enough turkey (and stuffing and gravy and mashed potatoes and…) to feed a small army, you’re suddenly wishing that you hadn’t so eagerly offered to host Thanksgiving dinner this […]


8 Tips for Winterizing Your Garden

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your garden this summer, and hopefully it rewarded you with plenty of bright flowers and scrumptious fruits and vegetables. Alas, the time has come to put your garden to bed for the winter season ahead. We know—it’s tempting to just leave it […]


What to do With All Those Leaves

    As I gaze with wonderment at the abundance of autumnal color splashed before me, leaves sprinkled with reds, greens, orange and purples, I say to myself, “Self, soon you’re going to have to pick up every single one of those infernal leaves.” Help Wanted With six trees and […]


Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaning

Now that the weather has cooled down, chances are good that you’ll be using your oven a lot more frequently in the coming months. Make sure that it’s in tip top shape and ready to help you create your culinary masterpieces with this simple, how-to guide to cleaning your oven […]

7 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home

7 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home

You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting a little colder outside. Sure, for a few weeks, you were able to live in denial (“It’s still suitable flip flop weather!”, you protested), but now, not even you can deny the fact that it’s getting downright chilly outside—and inside, too. Yes, the time […]