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Best Outdoor-Inspired Decor for the Home

ULTRA F / Photodisc /

ULTRA F / Photodisc /

If you consider yourself a nature-lover, why not incorporate some elements of the outdoors into your indoors? Many colors that inspire relaxation can be found in nature; light blue, green, grey, and soft rose. Animal-related components can add some quirk to your design. It is remarkably easy to weave your favorite ecological items into your home decor and is often very economical. Read on for some ideas that will spark your enthusiasm for eco-decor!

Is there anything more classic than natural wood? It seems to be the style element that never truly goes out of style. Wood can be included in your home in a number of ways beyond furniture. Go for a walk in the forest and collect a few pinecones, which can be placed in jars or decorative bowls. Interesting twigs can be arranged in vases with fresh or dried flowers. If you live by the water, dried driftwood is a beautiful and natural addition to any room. Drill some holes and add candles, if you like. Did a storm knock over a tree on your property? Use this opportunity to reserve a few slices of wood to be used beneath potted plants or as a table centerpiece.

Any potted plants you can place around a room can add some attractive green touches while also contributing to cleaner air. Water gardens and terrariums are simple ways to add an earthy feel to a room; not to mention, they are very fun to make. Dried flowers, such as hydrangeas look gorgeous in your glassware and require zero maintenance–perfect for folks who lack a green thumb. If real plants and flowers make you sneeze, look for botanical prints that can be framed. It is often possible to purchase old books at a very low cost, remove the desired illustrations and frame them.

Stone, Shell, and Bone
Perhaps two of the calmest colors are white and grey. If you live near the ocean, sand can look beautiful at the bottom of a decorative jar or vase. Seashells aren’t hard to come by either; they can be attached to picture frames, placed under apothecary glass, or arranged in an attractive vignette on a desktop. Shells often make nice souvenirs from vacation and can have the dual function of being attractive and sentimental. A walk in the woods may give you the chance to find animal bones or antlers, which can be used in a number of ways, such as wall hooks and curtain tie-backs. Small skulls or turtle shells can be bleached and added to a display of other natural items, such as dried flowers. While on your nature walk, channel your inner child and pocket a few of your favorite stones to add to your decor. Place them in the bottom of vases, in your terrarium, or on a window sill with potted plants.

Valengilda / iStock /

Valengilda / iStock /

Rope has an excellent natural look, being made from hemp and other plant materials. It can be used to coordinate with a nautical theme or as a way to display other items. Consider hanging pictures or shelves with a visible length of rope instead of hidden nails. Pull out those vintage macramé hanging planters for your porch and windows. Tie some twine around your decorative jars or glue it around the entire vase, lamp, or flower pot. You can even place coiled rope into an extra-large fish bowl or jar for a unique table centerpiece.

Adding an animal element to your room can greatly increase whimsy while providing a guaranteed conversation starter with guests. Mounted insect specimens are unusual and stunning displays. As an alternative, prints from old science books can be mounted and framed if you don’t prefer real insects on your walls. Bird feathers add an ethereal element to any room and can often be found while hiking. When decorating your home with elements from real animals, you must take care not to contribute to their harm in any way. In many areas, it is illegal to possess feathers of certain migratory birds, for instance, so make sure you are within your rights.

Being surrounded by elements of nature will help to soothe you. It will also remind you of your favorite outdoor activities while you are spending time inside. Most of all, just be creative and have fun arranging these new items in your home.

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