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Best Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

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ViktorCap / iStock /

So, you have sensitive skin and find that detergents trigger an itchy response on the body. This may occur because some detergents use harsh chemicals, which results in irritated skin or issues such as eczema. With so many products on the market, it is now easy and accessible to find a detergent that is safe for the skin. Thankfully, these products are here to help ease the irritation that many detergents have caused your skin throughout the years. So when looking to wash your sheets in something safe and clean, try one of these chemical-free detergents who honor and care for the body’s largest organ.

Arm & Hammer For Sensitive Skin
This advanced formula is dye free but yet contains a fresh scent to leave clothes smelling clean and airy. This clinically-tested product eliminates tough dirt and odors but is gentle on the skin. The detergent is friendly in HE and standard washers.

Biokleen Laundry Liquid
The free and clear liquid laundry soap is free of dyes, phosphates and chlorine. This fragrance-free detergent leaves clothes feeling light and fluffy. The three-times more concentrate removes the toughest of stains, dirt, and gunk built up on the clothes.

Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent
This liquid concentrate is tough on dirt but gentle on clothes and skin. Try the free and clear scent for a regular load or the blue eucalypts and lavender for a fresh, non-toxic scent. Seventh Generation does not add synthetic fragrances and soap is biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Best of all the soap does not contain optical brighteners, which is harsh on the skin.

Earth Friendly Products Liquid Laundry Detergent
This US EPA certified soap is earth and skin friendly—and did we mention biodegradable? This gentle soap is ideal for sensitive skin and usable for baby clothes. Suitable for all types of clothes, this product can be used in hot or cold loads. The fragrance-free version protects sensitive skin which is easily irritated from natural and synthetic oils.

Vaaska Laundry Detergent
Never tested on animals, Vaaska soap is 100% hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Tough on stains, Vaaska soap is also gentle enough for baby clothes. Vaaska is free from tough chemicals such as alcohol, phosphates, chlorine, optical brighteners, animal products, nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and EPA priority pollutants and dyes.

Eco-Sprout Laundry Soap
Green from the ground up, Eco-sprout sports soap that is suitable for sensitive skin, and suitable for even baby cloth diapers. The biodegradable detergent is free from dyes, brighteners, ammonias and phosphates. Choose from a variety of scents including fresh linen and chamomile-lavender.

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