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Benefits of Not Sleeping Alone



Sleeping with a partner can lead to a lot of headaches—with the passive aggressive kicking the and cover stealing to snores as loud as a freight train it’s amazing that some people ever sleep with a partner at all. It turns out, though, that there are some very good reasons why you should invest in some earplugs and shin guards and tough it out.

You’ll Live Longer
People who cuddle close at night live longer than those who don’t—sad fact. That’s because sleeping together has been shown to reduce cytokines that cause inflammation which reduces the risk for heart disease, along with the risk of cancer. This hasn’t actually been proven yet, but it’s in the works.

It Lowers Your Stress
Sleeping with your partner is good for your psychological health because it makes you feel calm and secure. That means it lowers the levels of cortisol in your body, reducing your stress and making you an overall happier person. Studies have shown that women who sleep with a long-term partner are more likely to sleep through the night than those not in stable relationships, too.

You’ll Be More Open to Love
It’s true, cuddling more often can make you fall in love. That’s because body contact like kissing, snuggling, hugs and sex release oxytocin—or “the cuddle hormone” for you sappy people out there—which makes people happier and feel more connected to one another. It’s what makes you more trusting towards people who greet you with hugs and kisses rather than handshakes and what makes cuddling help you develop feelings of attraction and love towards your partner.

It’s Safer
Have you ever heard the phrase “safety in numbers?” Of course you have. It remains true even in the bedroom, or the living room futon if that’s all you can afford right now. If an intruder or—I don’t know—the zombie apocalypse were to go down tonight you’re a heck of a lot better off with someone there to help you reach for a gun. Or a lamp. Or a katana, if you’re cool like that. You read it here, folks: snuggling saves lives—from zombies. 

You’ll Have Less Nightmares
Technically, this one isn’t a medically proven phenomenon but enough people claim it to make it believable. Unless you’re sleeping next to someone you hate—that might actually induce nightmares. But having someone next to you at night makes you feel secure and safe, thus making you less likely to succumb to nightmares while you sleep. Happy people have happy dreams.

Because Cuddling, That’s Why
If none of the above reasons are enough to make you want to open up your bed, then it all boils down to one simple fact—sharing a bed means you get to cuddle. Who doesn’t like to cuddle? It’s relaxing, sensual and a heck of a lot better than hugging up on your dog or cat. They don’t even like it—trust me, I’ve tried.

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