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7 Tips for Working with Wallpaper

If you think wallpaper is an outdated trend from the 70’s, then we’ve got news for you: wallpaper is back in a big way. The use of wallpaper in contemporary interior décor is about adding dimension, drama, and even texture in a way that paint simply cannot. Whether your cover […]

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8 Tips for DIY Floral Arrangements

Spring has sprung and blossoms are in full bloom, making fresh cut bouquets the unofficial centerpiece of the season. Whether it’s an elaborate arrangement on the dining room table or small, simple groupings throughout the home, floral arrangements can brighten up the home in a big way. There is just […]

Get to Know Float Therapy: an Interview With West Coast Float

Get to Know Float Therapy: an Interview With West Coast Float

Try to remember the last time you relaxed—I mean, really relaxed. Recall a moment where you felt both nothing and everything all at once. It’s not always easy to attain that level of relaxation, but here’s something that can help you get there: float therapy. Float therapy involves floating in a […]

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8 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

How do you summer-ize your home? If you’re like many people, you don’t. Many homeowners understand that the coming of winter indicates that it’s time to undertake a little extra work to prep their home for a harsh season. But summer? Isn’t summer supposed to be easy on your home? In […]

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8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Porch

Talk about making a first impression: the front porch is one of the first places to greet you, before you even set foot inside the home. Indeed, the front porch can set the tone for the entire home: a dirty and neglected front porch can drag down an otherwise beautiful […]


9 Tips for Cold Sleepers

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a tough time falling asleep because you were simply too cold. Whether you live in a drafty house, reside in an area with long winters, or are just one of those people who are cold all the time, you know that feeling cold […]

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6 Ways to Decorate With White

Properly executed, a white-dominant color palette looks fresh, clean, bright, and utterly sophisticated. But done wrong, an all-white scheme can come across as institutional, without personality, and even uninviting (think of the potential for stains!). Despite being a neutral, white might just be one of the trickiest colors to decorate […]

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6 Tips for Cleaning Your Electronic Devices

Take a moment to think about a day in the life of your mobile phone. It’s probably with you while you eat your breakfast. Chances are, you’re checking your Facebook while in line for a coffee or the bus. You use it as your clock, your planner, your personal assistant… […]

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7 Ways to Organize Your Spices

They say that variety is the spice of life—so what does that make a variety of spices? Well, it certainly makes for a cluttered cupboard. Between the tiny bottles, the jars of different sizes, and the open, half-empty packets of spices spilling into your cupboard, stashing your spices in the […]

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7 Tips for Cleaning Small Appliances

It’s a love-hate relationship with small appliances. It’s easy to love the healthy smoothies your blender serves up every morning, and to marvel at how seamless your food processor transforms whole peanuts into creamy peanut butter at the push of a button. But that love is short-lived, because every culinary […]