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How to Decorate your Bedroom like a Boutique Hotel

How to Decorate your Bedroom like a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels come in all shapes, styles and designs. Boutique hotels are perfect design for individuality, where no two places, or rooms, are alike. If looking to recreate your room to fit your boutique style, follow these tips to ensure a sweet and whimsical nights rest. Strip to the Basics […]

How to Overcome Sleep Deprivation

How to Overcome Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation affects over 60 million Americans, whose sleepless nights range from insomnia to sleep apnea. Living life without much sleep adversely affects one’s health, leading to various function disorders and affects the cardiovascular, nervous, and muscular system. If seeking to overcome sleep deprivation, explore these tips to assist in […]

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How to Decorate Your Home Like a Spa Resort

Spa resorts features that tranquil atmosphere that most yearn to experience outside of vacation. Luckily, there’s no hidden secret, and transforming your home to resemble a spa resort is easier now than ever. These easy to follow tips help transform your home to the everyday vacation destination to rest your […]

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Children and Sleep

Children’s and teenager’s sleep patterns differ vastly from adults. Most parents can relate to the infancy three-o’clock wake up calls and the desire for tweens to sleep through late mornings on the weekends. Not only does the child’s biology change, but so does the sleep pattern. Find out what’s needed […]

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Long Term Benefits of Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep

Nutrition, exercise, sleep: these three form a “triad” and are pillars in promoting ideal health and sound well-being. These three factors form a sort of checks and balances, allowing the body to function optimally and in harmony with its physiology. When one trait is off-balance, it throws off the other pillars, […]

Travel Around the World in 5 Minutes on YouTube

Travel Around the World in 5 Minutes on YouTube

Not everyone has the chance to take a long break from their jobs and travel the world. For those of us in that boat, we can travel the world from our house thanks to the internet. Get inspired to traverse the world in the comfort of your soft pants and […]

How to Sleep Peacefully in a Hostel

Bunking in hostels presents unforgettable experiences and sometimes sleepless nights. For those on a budget, sleeping in a hostel maybe the only head-to-pillow solution, especially when visiting expensive cities. The great news is that with a sleeping game-plan, it’s possible to catch some peaceful Zzz’s. Follow these tips to ensure […]

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20 Easy Tips for Saving Energy at Home

Saving energy is not only important for the environment, but also vital to save money on the electric bill. These quick tips are easy to implement and do not require extra “energy” from homeowners. Save the planet and increase your pocket book with any of these 20 easy-to-implement tips for […]

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Easy Garden Tips for Beginners

For many people, gardening is one of their most enjoyable hobbies. Those who have a novice green thumb may not know the ins-and-outs to a fertile garden. If you are unsure of where to begin, start here to ponder about the garden of your dreams. Prepare Your Soil The first […]

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6 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

Interior design is not every homemaker’s specialty. If your home has the look and feel you desire, it’ll be that place you call “home sweet home.” However, there are a couple of design ideas that can be better improved in this modern age. Say goodbye to the old-school shag carpet […]