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A Guide to Healing Crystals that Help with Sleep

For some, they’re rocks. For others, they’re indispensable tools to help make the most of every day. Whichever camp you fall in, you’ve got to admit that there’s something intriguing about using crystals as a sleeping aid. Quartz, malachite, moonstone and more… read on for a summary of ancient and New Age beliefs about using crystals for falling asleep.

Amethyst is said to be a master healer which can be used to regulate imbalances in your life. If you’re looking to restore some order and get a good night’s rest, try placing a piece of amethyst on your chest before you fall asleep and get ready to wake up feeling a lot more harmonious.

Makes sense that moonstone would be associated with sleep, doesn’t it? This old school solution for sleep troubles is known as a calming stone that is supposed to help reduce emotional tension. Placed on your solar plexus, it’s thought to provide calming qualities that will hopefully send you on your way to dreamland.

Clear Quartz
The old classic, quartz is a clear stone that is supposed to provide a calming influence on an otherwise chaotic mind. Some find that just gazing into a piece of quartz and focusing on the facets and imperfections of the stone helps them focus on relaxing and letting go of every day stresses.

Mangano Calcite
Tucked under your pillow, this crystal is supposed to encourage feelings of unconditional love, a deep and restful sleep, and serve as a tool to keep nightmares at bay.

Containing lithium, lepidolite is known for helping to calm and soothe, especially when it comes to bad dreams. If you tend to feel plagued by anxious thoughts or a general sense of agitation that you find prevents you from getting a proper night’s sleep, consider keeping some lepidolite nearby to see if it helps.

Want to have dreams that you’re sure to remember? Malachite is the stone for you. Said to stimulate inner imagery, malachite is supposed to encourage vivid dreams all while discouraging nightmares. Place a piece of malachite by your bedside and see what dreams may come.

Smoky Quartz
This multitasker is a grounding stone that is is said to dispel negative energy, making it the ideal bedtime companion. Placed under the bed, smoky quartz is supposed to clear negative energy and alleviate stress, allowing for a more restful and calm night’s sleep.

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