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9 Tips for Cold Sleepers



Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a tough time falling asleep because you were simply too cold.

Whether you live in a drafty house, reside in an area with long winters, or are just one of those people who are cold all the time, you know that feeling cold at night can result in a poor night’s sleep, which can quickly affect other areas of your life.

If this all sounds familiar, then you’ll want to keep reading: here are 9 ways to warm up quickly at night, letting you fall asleep fast—and stay asleep longer.

Cover Up
It’s not rocket science: a good blanket will keep you warmer. But not all duvets are created equal: look for a down comforter that will keep you extra toasty, as opposed to an all-season one that provides a little less heat.

Think Layers
Another way to work your blankets in your favor: use several blankets, in varying levels of warmth and weight. It’s the same concept as layering your clothes: multiple layers will get you nice and toasty at the start of the night, and you can peel back layers as you eventually heat up.

Flannel is Your Friend
If it’s the cold cotton blend sheets that make it impossible for you to heat up, switch over to a pair of flannel sheets. These cozy sheets are not only delightfully soft, but they don’t have that same initial cold feeling that standard cotton sheets do.

Toast Your Tootsies
For whatever reason, if your feet are warm, it’s easier for the rest of your body to heat up. Pick up a pair of soft socks to wear to bed to give your body a head start on the heating up process. You’ll probably kick them off in your sleep, if you get too warm.

Magic Bags Really Are Magic
You know those magic bags that are filled with beans? They really are magic: pop them in the microwave, and they will retain heat for an extended period of time. Slip a heated bag into your bed while you’re preparing for slumber: by the time you’re ready to sleep, your bed will be “preheated” for you. Note: a hot water bottle will also do the trick.

If you’re down for a little DIY, you can easily make your own magic bag with a bit of fabric, some thread, and rice. Add in some fragrant lavender to enhance the relaxing effect.

Engage a Space Heater
Space heaters aren’t the most energy-efficient machines, but they can provide a quick, instant blast of fresh air to help warm you up before bed. Keep one nearby, and use it in short spurts to help speed up the heating process. Don’t forget to turn it off before you fall asleep!

The Hot Shower Trick
Take a nice hot shower or bath right before bed to get that warm, cozy feeling. It will also help relax you. Avoid going to bed with wet hair, which can make you feel cold all night long. Use a hairdryer, or just wear a shower cap to keep your mane dry while you shower.

Toss Your Pajamas in the Dryer
Just as you’re getting ready for bed, throw your pajamas into the dryer for a minute or two. At the last possible moment, take them out, put them on, and run into bed.

Cuddle Up
Your partner, your dog, your cat: it doesn’t matter who you cuddle up to! Shimmy up to someone and share (or steal!) their body heat. Sweet dreams!

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