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7 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Maria Teijeiro / Photodisc /

Maria Teijeiro / Photodisc /

After a long winter, most of us are ready to welcome spring with open arms. The days of icy roads and shoveling snow are (hopefully) behind us for good, while long; sunny days are just around the corner.

There are changes happening everywhere outside, so why not make a few adjustments inside your home to reflect the changing seasons? Here are 7 ideas that you can implement to officially welcome spring.

Lighten Up Your Bedding
There’s nothing like cozying up under flannel sheets and a heavy duvet in the winter months, but as the mercury starts to rise, heavy linens are no longer needed. Swap your sheets for a lighter, cooler set, and switch to a summer comforter that won’t have you overheating.

If the weather hasn’t fully transitioned and you still experience the occasional cool evening, keep a warm blanket nearby to add an extra layer of warmth.

Hello, Color!

In nature, spring means shifting away from the grey tones of winter and embracing green grass, brightly colored buds, and heaps of sunshine. Replicate the feeling indoors by placing creative pops of color throughout the home. For instance, swap out neutral dishtowels for brightly colored ones, or pick up a soap dispenser in a punchy lemon or lime color.

Traditional springtime brights not your style? Romantic and feminine colors (and textures!) are on trend this spring, so explore that avenue if it fits better with your personal decor style.

Flower Power
There’s no better way to incorporate spring into your home than literally bringing the outdoors inside. In-season flowers like daffodils and tulips are an inexpensive way to add a little life and color to your home. Pick up a few bunches in the same color family to create a consistent scheme throughout the home, or buy several different colors and mix and match for a more rustic feel.

Small Changes, Big Impact
If the majority of your furnishings are in neutral colors, a simple change out of decorative pillows and throws will reinvigorate the entire room. Spring is a time to play with bright colors and bold patterns, so embrace your inner decorating wild child without restraint.

Mudroom Makeover
Put a few hours aside to organize your mudroom. Wash and pack away winter gear like jackets, hats, mittens and snow boots. Give the floors a good cleaning, and unpack your summer gear, like rain boots and sandals. Make sure beach towels, baskets and picnic supplies are readily on hand. When that first sunny day comes, you’ll be ready to grab and go.

Let the Sun Shine In
Be ready to make the most of the long, sunny days by preparing your windows. Give them a good scrubbing inside and out, so that the rays aren’t filtered by dust and dirt. Don’t forget about your window coverings: dust blinds and launder curtains give that extra fresh feeling.

Spring-Fuelled Home Décor Projects
Seek out inspiration for spring DIY projects. If your style is more traditional, break out the dye and transform plain eggs into delicate pastel decorations. With Easter coming late this year, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy these lovely accessories—just be sure to hollow out the eggs, or they won’t last until Easter!

If you prefer something whimsical, place a bouquet of tall spring flowers into a thin vase, then hide the vase into a pair of rain boots—the perfect doorstop!

Or get your creative juices flowing by filling baskets with spring-inspired items you find outside, like pebbles, shells and wildflowers. This can double as a fun springtime activity with your family: hit the trails and have everyone gather a few special pieces that stand out to them.

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