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7 Ways to Reinvent Your Bathroom

Okay, okay–perhaps the bathroom is, shall we say, not the most glamorous room in the house.

Nonetheless, the bathroom deserves a little love, too. Here’s the best part: a little effort can go a long way when it comes to refreshing your bathroom. It really doesn’t take much to transform your en suite or powder room into a relaxing, spa-like oasis. Here are a few ways to brighten up your bathroom.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Cleaning the bathroom is probably one of the most dreaded chores of all, but picture two identical spas: same staff, same services, same location, but one is dirty and the other is spotless. Which would you feel more comfortable in?

Give your bathroom a deep clean once a week or so. In between cleans, be sure to perform a little maintenance: after brushing or blow drying your hair, give the counters and sink a quick wipe to catch any hair that might have fallen. Clean the mirror if it gets speckled with toothpaste. Don’t let towels sit on the floor—fold and hang when you’re done. These little bits of effort will go a long way.

Hide and Organize
Bathrooms are home to a lot of product—bubble baths, shampoos, cosmetics, lotions, and so forth. You’d probably be surprised at how much you have amassed over time. It’s time to take inventory.

Combine half empty products, or allow yourself to say goodbye to those that you haven’t touch in the past couple of months. Anything that smells off or has changed consistency can be tossed. Remember, this stuff goes onto your body. Be picky.

Once you’ve pared down your collection, look into storing it properly. Cosmetics and perfumes often have appealing packaging—don’t be afraid to display the prettiest pieces on a tray. Bulky, unsightly items should be stored behind closed drawers or cabinets. Pick up a few organizers or baskets to keep like items together and easy to find. The clearer your surfaces, the better.

Upgrade Your Accessories
Upgrading toilets, sinks and baths can be costly—luckily, upgrading accessories is much more affordable, but can have a huge impact. Focus on your shower curtain, bath mat, and towels. You don’t need to go matchy-matchy, but pick pieces that complement one another to create a cohesive look. If you can spring it, indulge in good quality items. Not only do they usually look a little nicer, but they’ll also feel much better.

Stage Your Counter
Try your best to keep your counters clear. Of course, you’ll need some things on your counter. Like soap, for starters. Pick up a nice reusable canister, which are much more appealing than the plastic pumps that are sold at the grocery store. Not only will it look better, but if you buy your soap in larger containers, you’ll actually end up saving money over time.

If you keep toothpaste and toothbrushes on your counter, pick up a nice cup to store them in. Be sure to wash the cup often, unless the dried toothpaste look is your thing! Hang a hook or a ring for hand towels so you can keep them off the counter.

Enhance the Atmosphere
A few luxurious, sweet-smelling candles can really help set the mood. Same with a little greenery—don’t feel like you need to indulge in an elaborate bouquet every week. A single stem in a small vase is impactful and unfussy. For something even lower maintenance, a stalk of bamboo looks fresh and is easy to take care of.

Mirror, Mirror
It’s amazing how much impact one mirror can have on a room. It can reflect light, making the space look brighter; it can also make the room look bigger than it is. And, best of all, it’s practical. The bathroom is probably the place you use a mirror the most, so don’t be afraid to go big or to have multiple mirrors in place.

Brighten Up
Bathrooms typically don’t have much room for extra lighting, so be sure to use bright, clear bulbs in the light fixtures that you have. It will keep the space feeling airy and bright. If you want a more soothing environment for a bubble bath, go lights-off and use candles.

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