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7 Ways to Naturally Fall Asleep Faster

Maciej Maksymowicz / iStock /

Maciej Maksymowicz / iStock /

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial in getting in a good day’s work. But how come, every day when the sun goes down you can feel your tired muscles aching, but when it’s time for bed you just stare at the ceiling. Well turns out, the body is a fickle instrument that sometimes requires some training and practice. Luckily, when it comes to sleep, achieving it faster isn’t all too difficult. So here for you today, to get you going on that better night’s sleep, are 10 tricks and tips collected from around the web to get you falling asleep faster:

Keep Cool!
In addition to causing your body temperature to drop, a good way to fall asleep faster is lowering the thermostat at night. Not only will you save a little dough on the energy bill, but nestled under a warm blanket, your body will be more apt to falling asleep faster.

Get Out of Bed
As odd as it sounds, if you find yourself with your eyes peeled staring at the ceiling and thinking too deeply about life as you lie in your bed, get out of bed. Your blankets should only be associated with sleeping, not stressing, so if you find yourself reeling under the covers get up and do it elsewhere. Let your thoughts wander until you’re sufficiently tired, just be sure to avoid bright lights and stimulating activities.

Make a To-Do List
If you do find yourself with a mountain of work still to do, but in need of a good night’s sleep, make a to-do list. By writing all the things down that you would like to do the next day, you don’t need to stress about remembering and thinking about those activities as you go to sleep. And not only will it keep your mind clear, but by literally sleeping on it, you can wake up ready to tackle the to-do’s tomorrow in the most efficient way.

Trigger Your Body
Just like Pavlov’s dog, you can trigger sleepy time in your own body. Some reported effective triggering motions include rubbing your belly, curling your toes, and a simple brush of the cheek. Whatever you do, save the habit for bedtime only, and when it comes to sleep, just ring that bell and sleepy time should come running.

Keep Breathing
Everyone who has shared the same room as a snoring sleeping uncle knows that our breathing slows down while we are asleep. To the best of your ability, concentrate on mimicking that breathing while you are awake. Focus on long deep breaths and sooner or later you’ll hit your sleeping stride. One tip to keep your breathing under control is only breathe out of your left nostril.

Roll Your Eyes
Even if you are not a teenage girl, everyone knows how to roll their eyes. That’s because your eyes are always rolling each night as you enter REM sleep. So by rolling your eyes, with your eyes closed, it can prepare your body for the sleep experience and help that process of getting you asleep faster.

Consider the Alternatives
There is a lot of historical data, experiments, and research that concludes that that traditional 8-hour sleep cycle we seek isn’t necessarily the most natural. If you can afford the schedule shift, you might want to consider an Alternative Sleep Cycle. They vary from having two distinct sleeping sections in your day, to only sleeping in segmented 2-hour cycles.

A valid argument in sleep study therapy is to not think about sleeping too much if you can’t fall asleep. And while that is true, it’s always nice have a few tricks in your back pocket to get you the beauty sleep we all need. Sleep well, sleep tight, and sleep faster starting tonight.

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