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7 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

James Woodson / Digital Vision /

James Woodson / Digital Vision /

Let’s be honest: it’s not easy to make a shoebox-sized cinderblock-walled space feel like home.

Whether you like it or not, your dorm room will be your headquarters for the next several months—so you may as well make it a place you like to be. Of course, for most students, space, money, and the presence of roommates are a few obstacles to overcome in decorating a dorm room. With that in mind, here are 7 to make your dorm room feel like home.

Lighten Up
The first thing you’ll learn about your dorm room is that those fluorescent lights have got to go. Invest in a good desk lamp to use in lieu of the overhead neon lighting. All-white Christmas-style lights are a classic dorm room go-to: they make any room feel cozy and ethereal.

Beloved Bedding
Got that bedding kit ready (if not—we do!)? Dorm rooms can feel a little sterile and, well, jail-like, so find some quality bedding to warm things up a bit. Your bedding should be functional, but since your bed will likely serve as the centerpiece of the room, make sure that the blanket design fits your personality.

A Magnetic Bulletin Board
Bulletin boards are a must for keeping track of due dates and important files, and for posting up pictures and letters from home. A magnetic one looks sharp, but also allows you a little more flexibility than your average bulletin board: think magnetic organizers, magnetic containers for little odds and edds (even loose leaf tea!), etc.

Cozy Carpeting
Normally, carpet-on-carpet is a decorating sin. But if you’re working with old grimy carpet that has mysterious stains, you’re exempt from the rule. Pick up an area rug that ties in the overall look of your room. Depending on your room layout, place part of the rug under the desk, the bed, or another piece of furniture—this will help anchor the rug and create a cohesive-looking space.

Personalize Your Walls
In a college dorm room, your walls are basically an extension of your personality. Forgo the cliche Bob Marley and Breakfast at Tiffany’s posters and opt for pieces that you really, truly love. Art from your favorite vacation spot, photos of friends and pets, or that painting you’ve had hanging in your bedroom forever—anything goes.

The Storage Ottoman
You probably don’t have much room for extra furniture, but if you can afford the space, a small ottoman is a great investment. Opt for a hollow storage ottoman that you can use to stuff bulky items like extra towels or big sweaters– otherwise, these pieces will take up precious closet space. Many dorm beds are elevated, so you might be able to stow your ottoman away underneath. Pull it out when you have guests over so that they have somewhere to sit.

Plush Towels
Bathing in a dormitory is the furthest thing from a luxurious experience, so you have to work with what you’ve got. Though you’ll likely be showering in flip flops and carting your shampoo in a portable container, investing in a soft, plush towel is a small way to make you feel a little more human and a little less like freshman cattle. Pick a color other than white to avoid having your towels get lost among the sea of white towels.

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