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7 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Home

You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting a little colder outside. Sure, for a few weeks, you were able to live in denial (“It’s still suitable flip flop weather!”, you protested), but now, not even you can deny the fact that it’s getting downright chilly outside—and inside, too.

Yes, the time has officially come to acknowledge the fact that winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to infuse your home with a little warmth.

There are plenty of ways to heat things up in your home—both literally and figuratively. We’ve assembled some easy-to-implement, yet high effective ways to get you started:

Lighten Up
If you’re still using blue-toned fluorescent lighting, it’s time for an intervention. Swap out your lights for warm, soft bulbs that cast a cozy warmth—not a sterile neon glow.

Bring on the Blankets
Save on your heating bill by stocking up on plush, comfortable blankets. Toss extras on every bed, saving the best one for the couch in the family room. Not only will snuggling up under a big blanket warm you up physically, but adding layers to your existing furniture can create a snug vibe. Bonus points for using interesting textures, like a chunky knit blanket or a sheepskin throw.

Check Your Seals
If you’ve been procrastinating dealing with broken seals along the front door or drafty windows, then take this as your wake up call. It’s time to take action before you freeze through the winter. Before the busy holiday season picks up, set aside a weekend to properly winterize your home. Fix cracks and seals once and for all.

Color Scheme Makeover
Look to fall’s natural color palette—oranges, reds, and golds—to infuse your home with warmth. Go all out by painting your walls or picking up new furniture, or simply add warm touches throughout by swapping out throw pillows, picture frames, and artwork.

Dress Up the Floors
Hardwood and slate flooring looks so chic, but non-carpeted flooring can feel the opposite of cozy on a cold morning. No need to rip up your gorgeous floors—simply invest in a throw rug or two. Your feet will be happy all winter long, and you can roll it up and store it for a fresh look next summer.

Fire It Up
By far, the best way to warm up a home in every sense of the word is by way of a fireplace. Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace, a modern gas fireplace, or a convenient electric fireplace, you can heat up the room instantly simply by lighting a fire.

Get Personal
A lack of personal touches can make a home feel downright chilly. Sure, magazine-ready homes are beautiful, but they’re missing that lived-in look that makes a house feel like a home. Don’t be afraid to have a few family photos on display and travel mementos peppered throughout your house. They’ll help create a homey look, and they’ll also warm your heart when you think of the memories associated with the pieces.


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