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7 Tips for Being the Best Houseguest Ever



Sure, you could always stay in a hotel—but boarding with friends and family is so much more fun! Plenty of bonding time, home cooked meals, more than a few pennies saved… what’s not to like?

Being a houseguest is a privilege, and there are a few things that you can do on your end to guarantee an invite next time you’re in town. These 7 tips will help you become the houseguest that every host dreams about.

Set a Clear Itinerary
We’ve all heard the nightmare story of the never-ending houseguest. Don’t be that person: let your hosts know exactly when you plan to arrive and when you will be gone for good.

Be aware of your precise arrival time, especially if your hosts will be picking you up from the airport or waiting up for your arrival. It might be worth springing the extra $30 in airfare if it means avoiding the rush hour arrival—or worse, the 2 AM airport pick up!

Bring Your Own Supplies
Some hosts will thoughtfully provide you with your own shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste—but don’t expect your host to do this. Always come with your own supplies. If you forgot something essential, ask before you borrow theirs. Alternatively, ask them where the nearest drug store is and pick up your own.

Tidy Up
A clean houseguest is a loved houseguest. Whether you’re staying on the couch or in a guest bedroom, keep your space spotless by putting your clothes away and making up your bed every morning.

Speaking of cleanliness, always offer to help clean up after meals. Your host might decline your offer, but he or she will surely appreciate the gesture.

Take a Cue
When in doubt, look to your hosts to see how they like things done. If they’re using coasters, ask for one too. If they’re yawning at 9:30 PM, forgo your night owl tendencies and be willing to turn it in early. If they’re late sleepers and you’re an early bird, be mindful of the noise you’re making in the morning.

Make Plans
Although you might be on holidays, your hosts likely are not, so give them a little time to themselves by planning some of your own activities. Make plans to visit a nearby attraction on your own, or head out for a walk or run to explore the neighborhood. A little alone time is good for everybody.

Say Thanks
Don’t forget to thank your hosts for hosting you. Verbal acknowledgments are a must, and little gestures of gratitude go even further. Bring along a hostess gift, offer to cook dinner, or treat your hosts to some take out or a night out at a restaurant to show them you appreciate everything they’ve done for you.

Know Your Limits
If you plan on being around for awhile or you need to extend your stay beyond what you initially anticipated, consider booking a hotel room or moving on to another person’s house. Even the best houseguests can exhaust the hosts, so don’t push it beyond a reasonable stay.

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