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7 Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Buying a new home is a major life event, and housewarming parties are the perfect way to celebration such an important milestone. When a friend invites you into their home to help them break it in, it’s always good form to bring along a small gift to help make the place feel even warmer.

Choosing the perfect housewarming gift isn’t always easy, but no need to fret—here are 7 ideas to inspire the perfect gift.

Bust out the Board Games
Every home needs a good board game collection. Board games are a fun housewarming gift because the giver gets the opportunity to have a little fun in the selection.

You could choose a childhood favorite, or you could opt for a Monopoly edition that matches the new homeowner’s tastes and personality. Check out cult favorites like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. If you play your cards right (pun intended), the host might decide to crack open the box and start a game right on the spot.

Stock the Liquor Cabinet
There’s a reason that a bottle of wine is a classic hostess gift! For a housewarming gift, think beyond the vino—after all, the host has an entire liquor cabinet to stock. Choose an old favorite liquor, or scout out a local distillery that might offer something a little different. Pair your bottle with a matching accessory, like a cocktail shaker or a set of handsome highball glasses.

Feed Them
Anyone who has ever moved before can attest that it takes a little while to get cooking again. Cook your host a fabulous meal that can be frozen or will keep for a few days. The fewer tools and utensils needed to enjoy the meal, the better—kitchen supplies might not get unpacked for another couple of days. A frozen home-cooked lasagna or a big jar of soup ingredients are both tasty ideas.

Keep it Personal
If you and the host go way back, find a little something to represent the memories you share together. A framed print of a favorite photo you took on a trip together is perfect—and so is a framed print of a favorite photo from your high-school days together, mullet and all. A beautiful coffee table book about a hobby you both enjoy is another idea to consider.

Indulge the Host
Between the price of the home, transaction fees, new furniture and paying movers to haul it all, moving into a new home can cost a lot of money. Treat the host to a small luxury that they’ll love, but that isn’t a big enough priority for them to buy themselves right now.

For instance, gift them a beautiful, plush blanket to throw over their couch. In the colder months, they’ll be grateful they have something to cozy up with. The rest of the time, the blanket will add warmth to the décor. Do a little snooping to find out your host’s color scheme, or pick a tried-and-true neutral.

Welcome to the Hood
If the host has moved to a new city or neighborhood, do a little legwork for them and present them with a “best of” basket. Collect menus from the best local take-out spots, and buy small goodies crafted by local artisans or sold in the neighborhood’s cutest boutiques. Throw in a bag of coffee from the corner coffee shop, and tickets to the local movie theatre or museum.

And if All Else Fails…
You can always count on gift cards. Original? No, but if you know that the host is still stocking up on some home essentials, a gift card to a hardware store or home décor store will be greatly appreciated.

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