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6 Ways to Transform a Room into a Ski Chalet

Is there anything more comforting than a classic ski chalet? The smell of a real wood fire, the sight of snow swirling outside the window, the feeling of a cozy blanket enveloping your entire body—it’s pure bliss.

It is no wonder, then, that people want to incorporate that ski chalet feeling into their everyday lives. Luckily, you don’t need to be in, say, St Moritz, to capture the warmth and coziness of a cabin right into your home.

Pick the Right Room
What is it that you love about a ski chalet? Is it the social aspect, with the extended family coming together under a single roof? Is it the feeling of isolation—alone in the woods, with nothing surrounding you but nature? Whatever it is, your ski chalet-inspired room should match that feeling. If it’s the social that you crave, apply the theme to a room where people often gather, like the living room or kitchen. If it’s the tranquility that draws you in, aim for a bedroom or office.

Wood is Good!
It’s probably not realistic to change your entire home into a log cabin or to switch over to post and beam construction– but you can still incorporate wood into the room with furniture. Look for beautiful statement pieces with natural finishes. There’s no need for perfection—in fact, old, worn-in pieces have that lived-in look of a ski chalet that has been in the family for generations, so look for used, vintage or antique pieces.

Bring the Mountain Inside
People are drawn to the mountains for the recreational activities that they offer—skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, for instance. Incorporate old equipment into your décor, like antique snowshoes hung over a fireplace or old skis with hooks drilled into them as a coat hanger. To find the equipment, scour garage sales, used sporting good stores, or even your grandma’s attic.

Pillows and Throws—Everywhere
Your goal is comfort, and pillows and throws are a sure way to attain it. Be sure to choose items that are practical, not just decorative. Overly ornamental linens can look unapproachable. Think flannel, wool and sheepskin for textures, and plaids and darker colors for patterns. Feel free to throw in one or two knit pillows with kitchy designs—it’ll work in this décor.

It’s a Wild World
A stay in a chalet usually means you’re getting cozy with nature, including wildlife like deer, rabbits, fowl and bears. There are countless artists that tastefully capture these gorgeous animals in their artwork, whether it’s a detailed painting, a statement photograph or a soapstone carving.

To make it extra special, peruse galleries in your favorite ski resort town. Every time you see the artwork, you’ll be flooded with memories from that meaningful place.

Let the Elements Inspire
Beyond wood, there are other ways to incorporate the nature-inspired feeling of a chalet into your home. For instance, your color scheme can be inspired by the forest—a deep green with accents of browns and whites is just one example.

You can use natural rock materials (or lookalikes) for fireplaces, counter tops and flooring. Finally, the use of glass will add a modern touch to this otherwise traditional theme. It works because it still feels natural, conjuring images of ice or water.

Even if the nearest mountain is a thousand miles away, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy that warm, familiar feeling whenever you want. The best part? Most of the elements that create the ski chalet atmosphere can be switched up easily to change the feeling of a room. If the snowed-in feeling doesn’t work for you in summer time, simply change slipcovers, pillows, throws, and/or artwork for something a little light until the craving returns.

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