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6 Ways to Start Your Day With a Bang

Once you hit a certain age, sleep becomes one of life’s greatest pleasures. Gone are the days of fighting naps and trying to stay up all night, sleep is awesome and you want as much of it as you can get. This can become problematic when you discover that despite your best efforts, you just can’t wake up, regardless of how much shut eye you’ve gotten. Time to bring in the heavy hitters of the alarm clock world. These devices are meant for the heaviest sleepers and are a sure-fire way to ensure that hitting snooze becomes a thing of the past.

Nixie RamosThis little guy starts off sweet by sounding a gentle alarm to rouse you. What’s important to know is that while this is happening, you have precisely 60 seconds to enter a code onto the included defuser panel. Failure to get the code right results in an earsplitting shriek that is guaranteed to wake up even the deepest sleepers. To add insult to injury, the defuser is meant to be placed separately from the clock unit, meaning you actually have to get out of bed to prevent a very loud wake up call.

Money ShredderPicture this: you’re in a deep sleep, cozy in bed, and the last thing on your subconscious mind is waking up. Your alarm clock goes off and you hit snooze, still in a sleepy haze. While your delay tactic might guarantee you a few more minutes of precious slumber, it’s going to cost you. For every push of the snooze button, the Money Shredder lives up to its name by, you guessed it, shredding money. So in this case, time literally is money…a scary thought! Don’t worry, this clock is just a concept (for now). If it hits production, time literally will be money.

No Snooze Alarm ClockMost people will agree that the first few moments after they wake up aren’t when they’re at their sharpest. For some, even the act of getting out of bed is tantamount to going through an extraordinarily complex obstacle course. Enter the No Snooze Alarm Clock, a clever little gizmo that requires that you rotate the attached strap for 90 seconds (at 2 rotations per second) in order to stop the sound. Failure to do so means restarting the entire process. You’d think this wouldn’t be complicated but in a somnambulist state, counting and turning can get pretty tricky. Just think of it as a little hand-eye coordination practice before your morning coffee.

Blender Alarm ClockWhy limit the blender to your morning green juice? With the Blender Alarm Clock, you get treated to the not-so-soothing sounds of things being pulverized, even before your feet have hit the floor. This is a great option for those who have learned to sleep through their classic alarms and need some extra encouragement to get cracking. It’s like a Vitamix, but for your dreams.

Puzzle Alarm ClockMost of us remember Perfection, a game that involved jamming plastic pieces into their appropriate slots before the entire game seized up and shot all of our efforts across the playroom. Even the most laid back kid would tense up in anticipation of the explosion. Think of the Puzzle Alarm Clock as Perfection for grown ups, only more stressful because it involves speed and coordination first thing in the AM. When the alarm goes off, you have to arrange all of the pieces into their respective holes to disable the sound. For those of us whose brains take a bit more time to get going in the morning, this can become an especially daunting task.

Carpet Alarm ClockSometimes the hardest part of waking up is finding the motivation to just get out of bed. The Carpet Alarm Clock makes it so that in order to silence its sound, you have to get moving whether you like it or not. Unlike typical bedside clocks, this alarm is incorporated into a nifty little throw rug that you have to place both feet on in order to turn it off. Once you’ve dragged yourself up to shut it down, you’ll probably find that getting out of bed isn’t so bad after all.

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