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6 Unconventional Christmas Decor Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with traditional Christmas décor. But there’s also nothing wrong with wanting a little change, especially if you’ve been using the same decorations for the past decade… or two… or three…. If you’re ready to switch it up from the traditional, here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Natural Christmas
Incorporating elements from outdoors into your décor can feel positively magical, like taking a walk in the woods on a snowy winter day. The best nature-inspired decorations can be find by doing just that: heading outdoors and collecting interesting twigs, branches, pinecones, and whatever else you might find along the way. Don’t forget to pick up some boughs of holly and fallen pine branches (perhaps scraps from the Christmas tree). Use your found treasures as centerpieces and mantel decorations. Pepper with natural-looking wooden decorations, or opt for a bird theme for your winter wonderland.

Think Beyond Red and Green
Seek inspiration from new color combinations to freshen up your Christmas décor. A monochromatic look can be clean and dramatic. Take “White Christmas” literally, and keep your decorations all white. Or try an untraditional color, like blue or yellow. A tree decorated entirely in various shades of a single color makes a statement, while still allowing you to personalize to your taste. If you find it difficult to stray from red and green, change it up just a little—why not light pinks and greens for a softer, brighter feel that is still distinctly Christmas?

Sophisticated Christmas
If you’re ready for a more grown-up Christmas, indulge in a regal theme. Embrace rich fabrics like velvet for your mantel or your Christmas tree skirt. Favor dark, jewel-toned colors. Keep lighting dim (candles in luxurious candle holders, for instance), and add elegant touches like a few elaborate ornaments suspended from your curtain rod with intricate ribbon. And, of course, accent with gold.

Create Smoke and Mirrors with Lights and Crystals
Build your décor around your Christmas lights. Put lights everywhere, and use crystal or glass ornaments and decorations to create dazzling reflections. Non-traditional Christmas décor can easily be incorporated, like strings of clear glass beads used as garland. Use mirrors to make the effect even bolder—for instance, use a round mirror as the base for a centrepiece of candles and crystals of varying sizes.

Stick to Your Favorites
Bells, stars, nutcrackers, bows, Santas, angels, snowmen—there’s a lot going on with Christmas decorations. Be inspired by your single favorite Christmas symbol, and use that as a theme for the rest of your décor. Sticking to a single symbol can create a harmonious feeling. Even if you incorporate different sizes, colors and styles, the common thread will keep the décor from feeling overwhelming or “clashy”.

I’m Dreaming of a Floral Christmas
Beyond the poinsettia, flowers and Christmas don’t typically go hand-in-hand. If you love flowers the rest of the year, why not use them as the inspiration for your Christmas décor? You can take a traditional approach (lavish red and green bouquets), or add a contemporary twist by using clean, modern-looking flowers isolated by type in small vases. Try Green Asters, Chrysanthemum Shamrocks, or Craspedia Billy Balls.

Whatever approach you take, make it yours. Magazine spreads look great, but your Christmas decorations should feel decidedly you. Always add your own personal touches to complete the look.

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