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6 Multipurpose Tools for Your Kitchen

Life’s not easy for those of us with a big heart for cooking, but a small kitchen to work with.

A stroll through the aisles of a kitchen goods store leaves us feeling down. So many magnificent tools—but so little cupboard space to store them in!

If space is a rare commodity in your kitchen, you know that it’s simply not realistic to have those random little gadgets that you’ll only really use once or twice a year—but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the fun stuff altogether. Instead, look for tools that can perform multiple functions. Here are some of our favorites:

The VitamixThe Vitamix is arguably the most coveted kitchen appliance. It can tackle jobs traditionally done by a regular blender, a food processor, a hand blender, and even some tasks done by a stand mixer. It’s not exactly a tiny appliance, but it’s definitely smaller than buying each of these pieces separately. Soups and smoothies are a given, but a Vitamix can help your prep for meals, make your our flours, and even make dough.

The Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and ScaleBakers will love this super smart measuring cup that doubles as a scale. This single tool works for both volume-based and weight-based recipes, and has setting for both wet and dry ingredients. The scale works in imperial and metric modes, so no matter what recipe you’re using, you’re pretty much covered.

Another cool feature: you can add multiple ingredients to the measuring cup. As long as you add them one by one, the scale can memorize what’s been added and can keep the weights separate.

The Quirky Mocubo Cutting BoardCutting board real estate is a precious thing, so when you’ve got to chop onions, dice peppers, slice carrots, and mince garlic, you’ll appreciate the built-in storage drawers underneath the Mocubo cutting board. This bamboo board comes with three plastic drawers and is just as stylish as it is functional.

The Roll & MixThe rolling pin could very well win the award for the most awkward, space-consuming kitchen tool of all—but the Roll & Mix makes it work overtime so that it doesn’t waste any space.

Designer Marcial Ahsayane developed a rolling pin that doubles as an oil bottle—and it comes apart to serve as a pestle, too. Easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean, this little tool is a kitchen triple threat. The only downside: it was commissioned for a client and is not commercially available—yet.

The Omega Pizza ToolWho knew one little tool could do so much? The Omega Pizza Tool is, as the name implied, intended for all things pizza— indeed, the grater, pizza slicer, and spatula functions are all perfect for a cheesy pizza pie—but it can be used for basically anything else that requires grating and/or slicing and/or lifting. This is the perfect example of brilliant, functional design.

The Taylor Quad Timer and WhiteboardRaise your hand if you’ve had this problem before: you’re cooking up a mega-feast and you’ve got multiple dishes on the go, each with their own timing requirements. It’s a delicate balance—you’ve got the kitchen timer, the microwave timer, and the oven timer all working away. Now, if only you could remember what clock was timing which dish…

Enter the quad timer. Not only does this device record four events at once (in one place, no less), but there’s a mini whiteboard attached so that you can quickly scribble down what timer is for what dish. So simple—so brilliant.


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