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6 Indoor Drying Solutions

Whether you are at the mercy of your local laundromats temperamental machines or just want to cut down on energy consumption, there are plenty of arguments for air drying your clothes. Unfortunately, if you’re short on outdoor space, this can become a tricky endeavor. Here are 6 innovative ways to dry your finest threads the old fashioned way.

Accordion Drying Rack
Traditional drying racks tend to be a hassle. They’re impossible to fold, always come apart, and can be a real hassle to store. The accordion drying rack is a simple solution to all these problems and is guaranteed to never crash down on you when you open the closet. Just mount on a wall and and extend the arms when needed. Once your duds are dry, tuck it back in and you’re good to go. These racks offer generous drying space and aren’t eyesores, making them perfect for open-concept living spaces.

Retractable Drying Line
This is the ultimate minimalist option and comes in handy when extra space is at a true premium. A retractable drying line is just what it sounds like: a line that snaps back, tape-measure style. Typically, it can easily be mounted to any wall and when not in use, it’s hardly noticeable. When needed, you just pull out the line, anchor it to an opposite wall and treat it as an indoor clothesline. These are great to install in bathrooms where they can be positioned over the tub to catch any drips.

Ceiling Drying Rack
Talk about taking advantage of vertical storage space! A ceiling drying rack is a perfect option for those trying to avoid cluttering up their floor but who still want a functional way to dry their clothes. By using a rope and pulley system, a ceiling drying rack can be lowered when needed and then lifted up and out of sight when no longer required.

Collapsible Rolling Rack
Sometimes you set up your drying rack with the best intentions, only to discover you need to move it after you’ve painstakingly arranged all of your damp clothing. Save yourself the frustration and get a folding rack on wheels. It’s easy to move around, making it perfect for small spaces, and when folded it has a surprisingly small footprint.

Re-purposed Ladder Rack
Do you check Pinterest before your email? Do your mood boards feature potted succulents, mason jars, and wildflowers? If so, consider the repurposed antique ladder your new best friend. While it may not be safe for climbing (seriously, don’t try), the worn rungs and are perfectly spaced to allow maximum air flow, making it a really efficient drying system. Plus, reusing means keeping things out of landfills. Stylish and eco-friendly, talk about a gorgeous combination.

Tripod Rack
This ultra compact option is fantastic for people who find themselves needing to air dry a lot of hanger-dependent garments. A tripod rack offers a slim profile that allows for incredibly easy storage and features three extendible arms that are meant to support clothing hangers. Great for shirts, hosiery, or any other delicates. Skip this option if you need to dry a lot of sweaters or anything else that needs to be laid flat.

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