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6 Health Ailments Soothed by Sleep

It’s been drilled into our brains that a good night’s rest is imperative for well rounded health, but it plays an even bigger role in resolving everyday health issues that some struggle with on a daily basis. Put your nightcap on and bring on the Z’s in the name of good health- Here are 6 ailments soothed by sleep.

Uh oh–not feeling too frisky and can’t figure out why? According to a WebMD report, both men and women have indicated feeling less in the mood when lacking sleep. And it’s not because of that tired feeling, it could possibly be hormone related. Studies show that not getting enough sleep can lower testosterone levels in men and is a good indicator of how well a man has slept through the night.

Weight Gain
Your body burns the most calories when asleep, and studies show that well rested individuals tend to consume less calories throughout the day because they don’t need the extra energy to get moving. Also, following a routine and going to bed and waking up around the same time each day, garnering at least eight hours of sleep, has been linked to lower body fat due to sleep and hormone relationship.

If you’ve got that icky feeling and just know a cold is on the horizon, it’s time to hit that snooze button. Rest is huge for the immune system when it comes to preventing and recovering from everyday sickness, and studies show that people who sleep the recommended eight hours are less likely to catch the sniffles.

Not getting those eight hours can heighten stress levels in the body and wreak havoc on your skin. Sleep keeps skin in tip top shape, and if you are consistently sleep deprived over the long run, skin suffers from stress related aging. Which means a decreased ability to stay hydrated and decreased ability to ward off pollutants from the environment.

Sleep is crucial for keeping your memory sharp as a tack, but when you pass on the snoozin’ your memory is losin’. Why might you ask? Because the less you sleep the more time spent in rapid eye movement or REM sleep is sacrificed and this phase is linked to improved learning and memory. Even just  a quick nap is prime for improved  focus and alertness.

As mentioned, sleep messes with hormone balance, and without enough Z’s the body becomes hungrier, craving sugary and fatty foods. A WebMD report showed that sleep deprivation can affect how fat cells react to insulin in a negative way, and after just a few days of less sleep, overall insulin sensitivity dropped to a range typically seen in obese individuals or those with diabetes.

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