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5 Dog Beds That Will Have Your Dog Dreaming

It’s no secret that dogs like to sleep. A lot. Just how much a dog sleeps varies from breed to breed, and even dog to dog, but it’s safe to say that your pup definitely sleeps more than you do. Larger breeds like Saint Bernards and mastiffs can sleep up to 18 hours a day!

We’ve compiled a list of dog beds that will send your dog over the moon, and that will also look great in your home. Check it out:

Bowsers Donut BedsWhen it comes to dog beds, Bowsers reigns supreme. Though they offer several different types of beds, the tried-and-true donut bed remains every dog’s best friend. Puppies will love the soft fabric, plush cushioning (that stays lofty), and elevated perimeter—perfect for resting a sleepy head.

You, on the other hand, will love how many different styles there are to choose from. Bowser beds come in a huge variety of chic colors and prints—you’ll probably find yourself wishing that there was a matching couch for your living room! Plus, Bowsers donut beds are incredibly easy to wash—just unzip and pop in the washing machine.

Orvis ToughChew Rectangle Dog BedIf your dog has the tendency to tear apart anything soft and plushy, then you might be—understandably—a little weary about dropping your hard earned dough on, well, a soft and plushy dog bed. Orvis has come up with the perfect solution: the ToughChew dog bed is soft and comfy, despite the being made out of a chew-resistant, super strong nylon. Best yet: if your puppy does, somehow, manage to chew through the bed, Orvis will reimburse you or send you a new one, free!

LL Bean Premium Dog CouchLL Bean is known for creating durable products, and its dog beds are no exception. The premium dog couch lives up to everything you’ve come to love about LL Bean products: it looks sharp, is incredibly well-made, and is very durable. This bed will hold its shape, even after you wash it a million times.

West Paw Bumper BedsEco-friendly dog owners, look no further than West Paw’s Bumper Beds. The beds are filled with a material called IntelliLoft, which is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles—though you would never know, since the bed is perfectly squishy (though still very supportive). The organic cotton beds come in assortment of rich, cheerful colors, while the hemp beds offer a more subdued, sophisticated palette.

Kuranda Dog BedsIf your pet isn’t into fluffy and cushy beds, then a Kuranda dog bed might be just the right fit. These beds are nothing fussy, just an elevated platform with a durable canvas to support your pup. Dogs love them, and their durability and easiness to clean make them a very popular bed among dog shelters and boarding kennels.

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