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6 Creative Toy Storage Solutions

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gokceozagar / iStock /

Kids love toys, there’s no question about that. While parents love seeing their little ones having fun, things get decidedly less entertaining when it comes time to clean things up. Keep things cheerful and make tidying less of a chore with these excellent toy storage solutions, most of which are inexpensive and easy to put together. Best of all, no more stepping on Legos!

If you’re constantly stepping around (or on) small cars and their painful friends, try this handy tip for fun and effective clean up. Simply glue small magnets onto their base and mount magnetic knife racks onto playroom or bedroom walls. When the races are over, have your little Formula 1 champions stick their wheels up onto the ‘parking strips’.  It’s that easy.

Apple Crates
Bright plastic not your thing? Next time you’re at the flea market, pick up a couple old-school apple crates and get ready to take your playroom to the next level. Be sure to sand down any splintery bits and check for protruding nails. Because they’re shallow and wide, they’re great for little helpers to use and can be easily accessed without help from parents.

Shoe Holders
You know those shoe holders that hang so conveniently on your closet door? Time to repurpose them as the ultimate small toy storage solution. Plastic animals, action figures, and other easily misplaced playthings are the perfect size to slip in the pockets. And thanks to some models having clear plastic pouches, it’s easy to identify where they are.

Out of sight, out of mind. To take advantage of the space under beds and couches, take some old drawers and give them new life as low-profile toy boxes. Just fill them with treasures and when playtime is done, slide them away for a quick and easy cleanup.

For bigger toys, especially ride-ons, try mounting a few heavy duty hooks to help you keep the mess up and off the floor. This option is especially good for condo-dwellers and other parents who have to make the most of their square footage. Scooters, helmets, even water tables can all be hung up when not in use, keeping homes clutter-free and kids happy.

Chalkboard Paint
While this isn’t a storage solution, it does facilitate keeping prized possessions organized and helps little ones take on responsibility when it comes to clean-up time. Using chalkboard paint to mark the drawers, pockets, boxes, and crates that you use for toy storage and write (or draw) what’s meant to be kept inside. Little helpers can clearly identify what goes where which makes tidying a snap. Best of all, it adds a little learning to the process which can’t hurt.

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