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6 Creative Storage Solutions for Bathroom Basics

Chris Amaral / Digital Vision /

Chris Amaral / Digital Vision /

Bathrooms routines have a tendency to be, well, rather routine. While undeniably necessary, brushing your teeth tends to be kind of hard to get very excited about. Time to step up your personal hygiene game by introducing creative new ways to store your basics. Ditch the plastic toothbrush tumbler and say goodbye to scummy soap dishes. With these fabulous bathroom storage solutions, you’ll find yourself getting excited to floss.

Fun and Functional Toys
Whether you have little ones in the house or are just a kid at heart, you’re guaranteed to find brushing your teeth a lot more fun when you incorporate a little play time into your daily routine. For dinosaur fans, grab a decent sized plastic model and drill in a few holes. Voila! Instant awesome toothbrush holder. Same goes for Legos. Let your imagination be your guide and get ready to smile every time you reach for your toothpaste.

Embrace the Mason Trend
Mason jars are ubiquitous, which makes sense as they’re just so darn practical. Drinking glass? Candle holder? All of the above! If you’re looking to infuse your powder room with a touch of rustic chic, grab a mason jar or two and repurpose them as toothbrush holders, hair accessory containers…the possibilities are pretty much endless. Try adding ribbon or raffia around the mouth of the jar to make an even bolder style statement.

Get Magnetic
For those looking to keep the clutter off the counter, magnets are the perfect bathroom storage solution. Take a magnetized knife strip, mount on your bathroom wall, and glue small magnets to the backs of toothbrushes, combs, small containers, or anything else that you’d like to stash. It looks great, keeps things tidy, and you’ll never lose your floss again.

Soap Saucers
Soap dishes may not be the most exciting part of your bathroom but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. How else are you supposed to keep your bar of Ivory contained and not slipping all over the counter? Next time you’re at the thrift store or pass by a yard sale, check to see if there are any vintage tea saucers up for grabs. These delicate dishes are usually beautifully decorated and are absolutely perfect as soap holders.

Pretty Pumps
Giant pump bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap are usually pretty economical but tend to disrupt the stylish flow of your bathroom thanks to their bulk and typically uninspiring packaging. Try decanting the liquid into a pretty bottle and adding a pump dispenser in lieu of the original lid. Word to the wise: opt for plastic in the shower. Nobody wants to deal with slippery glass.

Shower Caddy Relocation
While over-the-shower caddies are a great idea in theory, in practice they can be a huge pain. Whether you’re dealing with oddly shaped shower heads or just find that the caddy won’t stay in place, there’s not much more irritating than waging war with falling bottles before you’ve even had your morning coffee. Save yourself the frustration and pick up some heavy duty suction cups from the hardware store. Mount to the shower wall, hang the caddy, and you’re all set. The only irritation you’ll have will be asking yourself why you didn’t think of this sooner.

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