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6 Blankets You Need in Your Home

Picture your closet. Now, mentally sift through your coats and jackets. You probably have a ski-type jacket for blustery winter days, a foolproof trench that goes with everything, a sporty waterproof shell that keeps you dry, a smart-looking wool number to go with your dressy outfits, an on-trend jean jacket (or three)…

The point is, you have multiple jackets for multiple occasions. Now consider this: a blanket does to your couch what a jacket does to your outfit. It speaks a style. It sets a mood. It serves a function. Here’s what we mean: check out these 6 blankets that will keep your home looking fresh and cozy in any situation.

The Go-To
This is the blanket equivalent of your go-to trench. The go-to blanket is your solid standby blanket that looks good on the couch, matches your overall décor, and ties the room together just so. It’s the one you pull out and tousle just-so to create that magazine look when your friends pop by.

The go-to should be equal parts cozy and quality. It should be able to stand up to a little wear and tear, and should be in a neutral color or pattern that doesn’t steal the scene.

The Well-Loved
Some blankets have stories: think of a child’s precious “blankie” that they’ve toted around since they day they got home from the hospital. We’re not suggesting you decorate your couch with duck-adorned baby blankets. Instead, we’re talking about that quilt that your aunt gifted you for your wedding, or the camping blanket that you proudly sewed your badges to. The well-loved blanket is perfect for family movie nights, cuddling on the couch, or infusing the room with a touch of nostalgia.

The Warmer-Upper
Save on that atrocious winter utility bill by turning down the heat and snuggling up under a warm, lofty blanket. The warmer-upper should keep you nice and toasty. It has to be oversized so that it can keep your toes enclosed even when you pull it up to your chin. Best enjoyed next to a warm fire.

The Light Cover
The warmer-upper’s counterpart, the light cover is a barely-there linen or muslin blanket that gives you the cocoon-like feeling you want while napping in the summertime—without making you break out into a sweat. It’s equal parts functional and visual: an off-white or other light neutral color will brighten up your room in the summer months.

The Wooly Mammoth
You’re running a fever, the chicken noodle soup is on the stove, and you’re ready to settle down to watch the classic go to, The Price is Right. When you’re sick, there’s nothing better than cozying up under a thick, wooly piece of fabric. You want to feel as if you’re being hugged by a stuffed animal. Forget looks—the wooly mammoth is all about comfort.

The Pop of Color
Buying a new couch—expensive. Buying a new blanket—reasonable. Invest in a brightly colored blanket to give your room an instant makeover. Make it a color that you love, but that you’re not quite ready to commit to as a wall color or in a piece of furniture. Blankets are the perfect place to experiment with new design ideas and color schemes—the sky’s the limit.

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