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6 Autumn Decor Trends

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you might for summer to last forever, you can’t stop the leaves from drying out and falling to the ground. No matter how you look at it, fall is just around the corner—and that means that change is on the horizon.

You’ve probably already contemplated swapping out your flip-flops for leather boots and pulling out a few of those chunky fall sweaters. On the same note, it’s also time to give your home décor an autumn-friendly update.

Fall-ifying your home involves more than simply picking up a few pumpkin-scented candles and calling it a day. If you’re looking for inspiration for your fall décor makeover, check out these top trends to look out for this autumn.

Plaid About You
This fall, plaid is back in a major way. Maybe it’s reminiscent of the tartan skirts that symbolize that back-to-school feeling—whatever it is, expect to see plaid everywhere from area rugs to furniture textiles.

If you’d rather update your accessories than replace the major pieces in a room, invest in a few plaid decorative pillows, a cozy plaid throw, or one-off touches like placemats or even dish towels. This is one trend where it pays to use a little restraint—or else risk looking having your house look like a hunting lodge.

A New Light
It’s time to shine the spotlight on lighting fixtures: this season, lighting is as much about fashion as it is function. Look for innovative statement floor lamps and lighting fixtures that will command the spotlight in the room.

Texture, Texture, Texture
Fall is all about contrasting textures, like smooth pumpkins, lumpy squash, paper-thin leaves, and wooly sweaters. Draw inspiration from your favorite fall features and mix and match textures throughout your home.

For example, keep pillows on your couch within the same color family, but choose drastically different fabrics to create a multi-dimensional feel—or slap down a modern, textured throw rug to add a bit of a drama to an otherwise mellow room.

Pedal to the Metal
When the temperature starts to drop, heavy metals tend to emerge from the woodwork—and this season is no exception. Fall 2014 is all about bronze, brass, and copper. These metallic underdogs are popping up everywhere—from serving platters to teapots to side tables, right down to light switch coverings. Bonus points: pick up textured metal accents to kill two trends with one stone.

Black is Back—in the Bathroom
Ethereal all-white bathrooms and nature-inspired granite and stone saunas are a thing of the past. This season, the biggest bathroom trend to emerge is black, black, and more black. From bathtubs to tiles walls, black bathrooms are about invoking a sleek, sophisticated feel—think upscale metropolitan hotel.

Geometrics 101
Preppy stripes and chevron, it’s time to go back into hiding: geometric patterns are officially stealing the show. From octagons to tangier, repetitive mod-like sequences are splashing across linens, furniture textiles, and tableware. Deep blues and reds seem to be the hottest hues for this trend.

You can also make this trend come to life via wallpaper, tiled flooring and backsplashes, on curtain fabric—you’re only limited by your creativity.

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